There are new and emerging challenges in the forestry sector and in the tropical forests which calls for revisiting the way forestry training is being offered at higher learning institutions including Sokoine University of Agriculture and in particular the Department of Forest Products and Technology under the Prospective College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism. There is a rise in demand for specialized personnel in forest products technology for production of quality goods as well as related researches in forestry enterprises and industries in general. For sustainable utilization of forest resources (both timber and non-timber) there is need to mentor our students with specialized skills in Forest Products and Technologies, so as to apply it in the sustainable management of Forestry and Forest Industries in Tanzania and across Africa. For this reason training, research and outreach activities within the Forest Products and Technology field becomes inevitable.
As a Department we are proud of our longstanding collaboration and efforts to promote high quality forest Products sector in the country with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, other government organizations and neighbouring regional countries. Our commitment has been and will continue to provide services aimed at supporting implementing the newly formulated forestry policy and regulations through conveying information to practitioners, the public, and policy makers in the field of forestry and sustainable forest products utilization and its emerging technologies. You are all welcome to explore more on our webpage and see what we can offer you!

Dr. Suzana Augustino


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