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Yonika Mathew Ngaga


Professor Ngaga is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) at Sokoine University of Agriculture. He completed his PhD in 1998 at Agricultural University of Norway where he specialized in Forest Economics and Socio-Economics.

Over the past 30 years he has been engaged in the following areas:

1.1   Teaching: forest economics, consumption survey, forecasting, marketing, socio-economics and entrepreneurship in forestry especially establishment and management of small-scale forestry, in funding schemes, incentives, training and service provision, forest management planning and harvesting, tree planting assessment of land issues related to tree plantations, as well as in forest industry and marketing of forestry products;

1.2      Researchin economics of natural resourcesand Agroforestry.

1.3     Consultancy in Forest and other Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics and Socio-economics including the following recent key assignments.

1.4      Administration at Sokoine University of Agriculture

1.4.1      Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance)  22nd Dec. 2014 - 21st Dec. 2018.

1.4.2      Dean (re-appointed)  1st July 2014 – 21st Dec. 2014

1.4.3      Dean                            1st July 2011 – 30th June 2014

1.4.4      Head of Department 1st July 2002 – 30th June 2008






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4.0 Book chapters


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No of PhD students supervised

No of MSc Students supervised







*   2students are still ongoing.

1. Consolata Kapinga.     Production and Marketing in Sawnwood Value Chain from Government and Private Plantations in Mufindi and Kilombero Districts and Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania.

2. Elieseri Sungusia. Understanding Scientific Forestry Practices in Community Based Forest Management in Tanzania,