FBA 609: Agroforestry Technologies Dissemination & Extension

Course Learning Outcome

On the completion of the course, students should have acquired the ability to:

  1. Determine available problems in resources management systems;
  2. Identify appropriate Agroforestry system/technology intervention;
  3. Spearhead the Agroforestry intervention process; and
  4. Monitor the intervention impact on providing solutions to the problems.

Course contents

Resources management characterization; Identification of problems in resources management, especially the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors; determine a variety of possible Agroforestry systems/technologies with potential for interventions. Principles and methods of extension and their applicability to Agroforestry dissemination. Agroforestry extension methods including awareness creation, education, field excursions and visitations

Required Readings

   1. M.S. Reed (2007). Participatory technology development for agroforestry extension.

   2. S. Killough. (2005). Programme design for agroforestry extension in the South-eastern USA