Dr. Eva Ephraim Mtengeti

Currently I am Chief Technologist and in-charge of Departmental laboratory, Department of Ecosystem and Conservation.My current areas of research interest includesoil fertility management and land evaluation, soil sampling and analysis.Sustainable Management of Natural Resources I have participated in various projects:-I have actively participated in projects under Environmental Climate Change Compatible Agriculture. The project was under Public Private Partnership initiated by two public universities (SUA and University of Life Science, Norway) and two multinational companies dealing with fertilizer (YARA) and another with crop protection (SYNGETA) since 2010 to 2014. Additional I joined research team as Soil Scientist on ongoing project of Implementation support of results and data of first National Forest Resources Monitoring and Assessment (NAFORMA) at regional and local level Tanzania”. Moreover,I was actively involved in the project of Quantification and Mapping of Carbon Stocks and Plant Diversity in Different Land Cover Types in Tanzania- sub section of monitoring of soil carbon in different miombo cover types. The project was under CCIAM.

I teach undergraduate practical dealing with Soil science, soil classification and land evaluation. Additionally Isupervise postgraduate students during laboratory research works project.

I am a member of Soil Science Society of East Africa




Institution name


Chief Technologist

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2004- 2008

Principal Technologist 1

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2001- 2004

Principle technician II

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1999- 2001

Principal technician III

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1989 - 1998

Technician grade 1

Senior technician grade III

Senior technician grade II

Senior technician grade 1

Sokoine University of Agriculture

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Institution name



2003 - 2008

Sokoine University of Agriculture


PhD in Soil Science

1998 – 2000

University of Ghent


Masters in Physical Land Resources

1983- 1986

University of Dar es Salaam


Bachelor of Science General ( Chemistry and Botany)

Research Interest:

Soil fertility management, Land survey and evaluation, Crop Agronomy and

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources



Most 10 popular citation


Ephraim J. Mtengeti,Eva Mtengeti,Frank Brentrup, Lars Olav Eik and Ramadhani Chambuya (2016). Effect of Improved Plant Nutrition on Maize (Zea mays) and Rice (Oriza sativa) Grain Chemical Nutrient Content Under Smallholder Farming Systems in Tanzania. In Climate Change and Multi-Dimensional Sustainability in African Agriculture pp 485-503

(Rattan LalDavid Kraybill,David O. Hansen,Bal Ram Singh,, Theodosy Mosogoya andLars Olav Eik)(editors).


Eva Mtengeti, Ephraim J. Mtengeti, Frank Brentrup, and Lars Olav Eik, (2016) Striking a Balance Between Intesification and Environmental Sustainability under Smallholder Maize and Rice Cropping System in Tanzania. In: Lessons and Implications for REDD+ Implementation Experience from Tanzania (Kulindwa, K,A, Silayo D. Zahabu, E. Lokina, R. Hella, J. Hepelwa, Shirima D. Macrice, S. and Kalonga, S. (editors). Pp 173 - 191 ISBN 9789987735532;


Ephraim J. Mtengeti, Frank Brentrup, Eva Mtengeti, Lars Olav Eik, and RamadhaniChambuya (2015) Sustainable Intensification of Maize and Rice in Smallholder Farming Systems Under Climate Change in Tanzania. In: Sustainable Intensification to Advance Food Security and Enhance Climate Resilience in Africa. (Rattan Lal, Bal Ram Singh, Dismas L. Mwaseba, David Kraybill, David O. Hansen and Lars Olav Eik(editors). Pp 441-465 ISBN 978-3-319-09359-8; Springer International Publishing Switzerland


Eva E. Mtengeti, Johnson M.R. Semoka and Salim M. Maliondo (2012): Assessment of maize response to Minjingu phosphate rock and triple superphosphate applied under different P-application strategies in a Ferralsol in Tanzania, Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, DOI:10.1080/03650340.2012.721540 To link to this article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03650340.2012.721540


Mtengeti, E.J.; Mtengeti, E.E.; West, J. Mahonge, C.P.I.; Eik, L.O.; Bentrup, F. and Chambuya, R. (2012). Public –Private Partnership collaboration in environmental climate compatible agricultural growth. Preliminary observation. . In: Mwamengele, G.L., Mvena, Z.K, Augustino, S., Silayo, D., Kusolwa, P.M., Sife, A. Batamuzi, E.K., Katani, J.Z. Madalla, N.A., Abdallah, J.M. &Zahabu, E. (eds.). Proceedings of the first Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation Programme Scientific Conference held at Blue Pearl Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2-3 January 2012. pp 169-178.

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Ephraim J. Mtengeti, Frank Brentrup, Eva Mtengeti, Lars Olav Eik, and RamadhaniChambuya (2015) Feeding Tanzanian’s future population. Article in: Yara Climate Smart Agriculture Magazine -270115 pdf. January 2015. WWW.yara.com

Practical on soil science for undergraduate

Postgraduate and undergraduate students studies require laboratory and field attention

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Member: Soil Science Society of Eastern Africa (SSSEA)

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College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism Board-SUA

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1996 update

In charge of Departmental laboratory

Department of Ecosystems and Conservation


Position: Chief Technologist

E-address: mevaji43@yahoo.co.uk, evamtengeti@gmail, emvungi@suanet.ac.tz

Phone: +255-023-2 603511 ext. 4607

Fax: +255-023-2604648

Mobile phone: + 255 755 383 080

Campus: Main Campus

Building: Ecosystems and Conservation

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Other websites: www.sua.ac.tz

Org Unit: College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism