Mr. Jackson Saul Msalilwa

Currently I am Principal Technologist in the Department of Ecosystem and Conservation. My current areas of research interest include soil conservation and tree farming, soil sampling and analysis, environmental planning and management and beekeeping.

I have been participating in various projects:-I have actively participated in projects under ICRAF (International Centre for Research in Agro forestry(1997-2000) as Laboratory Technician with the objective of to establish new laboratory for soil and plants analysis which was under ICRAF-Tanzania Zone in Shinyanga region and now is under TAFORI, and assignment was succefully. In addition, I have been working as coordinator and facilitator to various beekeeping projects collaboratively with Morogoro Environmental Conservation Organization(MOECO) to: “Empowerment of women in modern beekeeping through training in Morogoro Region Tanzania”. Financed by Waterloo foundation from United Kingdom, and the project was involving five villages i.e. Kitete, Madudu and Mafuru Kilosa district: Lungo and Wami Dakawa in Mvomero district (2013-2014).and another project was “Improved rural livelihood through development of improved beekeeping technologies in morogoro Tanzania” funded by Swinsconduct Tanzania (2016-2018), and Promoting small scale forests through tree farming to Magubike, Ibindo and maguha villages in Morogoro Region Tanzania funded by Tanzania Forest Funds (2017-2018).

I teach undergraduate practical dealing with Soil science, soil classification and land evaluation, and to facilitate beekeeping training to farmers in rural areas.

Additionally I supervise postgraduate students during laboratory research works project.

I am a member of NUSESA (National User of Scientific Equipment in Southern Africa) and Women Environmental Conservation organization (WECO) as Patron




Institution name


Principal Technologist1

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2004- 2008

Principal Technologist 11

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2001- 2004

senior technician I


Sokoine University of Agriculture

1999- 2000

Senior technician


International Centre for Research in Agro forestry ICRAF-TANZANIA ZONE

1987 - 1997


Technician grade 1

Technician grade 11

Technician grade 111

Sokoine University of Agriculture



Institution name



2008 - 2009

Institute of Rural Development Planning Dodoma


Post graduate Diploma in Environmental Planning and Management.


Sokoine University of Agriculture,


Certificate Management of  Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture



Napier University

United Kingdom.

High National Diploma in Chemistry



Norway University of Agriculture


Certificate in Soil and Plants Chemistry



Dar-es-salam Technical College


Diploma in Laboratory Technology



Research Interest:

Beekeeping, Environmental planning and management, soil conservation and tree farming.



10 topic publicated


Msalilwa, J.S. (2009) Fishing Technologies andenvironmental degradation in Kilombero District. A case study of Mofu and Njage villages: A Dissentation submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement of award of post graduate Diploma in Environmental planning and management of IRDP-Dodoma Tanzania


Msalilwa, J.S., Tesfasion, D.Y. and Zemicael, D.G.(2003). The use of appropriate conservation Techniquies to combat soil erosion at Kabungulu catchment area, Mnadani village, lushoto district, Tanzania. Report submitted in partial fulfilment for the course of Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture of Sokoine University of Agricuture, Morogoro Tanzania



Nyadzi, G.I., Gama, B.M., Otsyina, R., Msalilwa, J.S. and Mafongoya, P. (1999). “Nitrogen dynamics in rotation woodlots with Australian Acacias in Tabora Tanzania”


Lulandala, L.L.L., Nduwayesu, J.B., Mtengeti, E.E., and Msalilwa, J.S.(1995). “effect of different proportion of sawdust on decomposition rate of Gliricidia Sepium in Kilosa’ soil.


Msalilwa, J.S., (1995),’’Preparation, stoichiometry, sterochemistry and thermal analysis studies of Tetrakis (4-methylpyridine)nickel(11)chloride and Tetrakis (y-pyridine)nickel(11) chloride. A special project report submitted to fulfill the requirement of award of Higher National Diploma in Chemistry of Napier University, United Kingdom


TITLE:(1) ‘Maswali mbali mbali yanayoulizwa na wafugaji wa nyuki vijijini’ (2016).

              (2) ‘The honey bee and its importance’. Training manual for beekeeping courses.(2017)

Practical on soil science for undergraduate


1.0 Promoting small scale forests through tree farming to Magubike, Ibindo and maguha villages in Morogoro Region Tanzania funded by Tanzania Forest Funds (2017-2018).

2.0 Improved rural livelihood through development of improved beekeeping technologies in morogoro Tanzania funded by Swinsconduct Tanzania (2016-2018).

Postgraduate and undergraduate students studies require laboratory and field attention

Professional Bodies Membership:

Member: NUSESA

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Board Name

2011-20 to date


Morogoro Environmental Conservation Organization (MOECO)

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Office Name


2016 update

In charge of beekeeping section

Department of Ecosystems and Conservation

Position: Principal Technologist


Phone: +255-023-2 603511 ext. 4607

Fax: +255-023-2604648

Mobile phone: + 255 767 102 221/788 701 597

Campus: Main Campus

Building: Ecosystems and Conservation

Room Number:  DEC-Laboratory unit

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