Mr James John Mnyonga

I am a Forester with particular interest in Agroforestry Research on the interaction of people, agriculture and trees to the scales from eco-physiological interactions among system components to landscape level effects, across tropical environments, with a focus on multipurpose tree species and farm trees. I earned my M.Sc. in November 2005 from Sokoine University of Agriculture. My dissertation focused on the response of 5 leguminous shrubs and cow manure on soil fertility and subsequently maize production in the semi-arid area of Tanzania where I spent two years in the field. I believe that interdisciplinary approach is key to solving agroforestry challenges. My graduate career has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including PETREA project from Denmark, MITIMIOMBO project from Finland and several from Tanzania. My specialization is in:

  • Role of trees in the agricultural landscape
  • Formal representation of local ecological knowledge
  • Tree-crop-soil interactions
  • Domestication of indigenous tree species
  • Beekeeping




Institution name


Principal I Forest officer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2006 - 2008

Principal II Forest officer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2002 - 2005

Senior I Forest officer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1998 -2001

Senior II Forest officer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1995 - 1997

Lab. Technician

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1990 - 1994

Asst. Lab. Trainee

Sokoine University of Agriculture

1987 - 1989

Lab. Trainee

Sokoine University of Agriculture



Institution name



2006 – 2007



Postgraduate Diploma in Poverty Analysis

2003 – 2005

Sokoine University of Agriculture


Masters of Science in Forestry

1998 – 2001

Sokoine University of Agriculture


Bachelor of Science in Forestry

1992 - 1994

Mutare Forestry Industries Institute


Diploma in Wood Panel Technology

1982 -1984

Olmotonyi Forest Institute


Certificate in Forestry

Research Interest:

  • To assist the government of Tanzania in its effort to protect and conserve the natural Flora, fauna and environments and poverty eradication for the benefit of present and future generation.
  • To promote forest industries at sustainable utilization of forest resource and environmental friendly way.
  • To assist International Conservation Organizations with Local Support both human, Logistical and Financial.
  • To liaise with similar conservation organization elsewhere in the world with the view of harmonizing the conservation of natural flora, fauna and environments.
  • Forest industries technology both in saw milling and wood based products.
  • Quality assessment of wood products



Most 10 popular citation


Becker J., Pabst H., Mnyonga J., Kuzyakov Y. (2015) Annual litterfall dynamics and nutrient deposition depending on elevation and land use at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Biogeoscience 12: 5635–5646


Mnyonga (2005). Effects of One-year Improved fallows of four N-fixing shrubs and cow manure on soil fertility and crop yield at Gairo, Morogoro, Tanzania In press


Mnyonga (2001). Early performance of provenance/species traials of Casualinajunghuhniana and Casualinaequisetifolia. Experimental trails at Kibaha, Shume and Mkundi, In press

Position: Principal I Forest Officer
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