Wildlife buffer-zone training practical at SUA Darajambili Campus and Muhuwesi Field area, Ruvuma

The College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism, SUA, has recently acquired areas in Ruvuma region for the purpose of enhancing its mission. Among others are two sites Darajambili Campus and Muhuwesi Field area, (wildlife training buffer-zone) specifically targeting the Wildlife Management.
In its effort to initiate operationalization of these sites,  91 students of 3rd Year BSc Wildlife students 2018/2019 are undergoing Field Practical Training between 21 July to 3rd August 2013. These well trained prospective professionals are putting into practice their skills, as a pioneer group to the training sites, to provide baseline information on physical development structures in terms of buildings (including campsites), roads and communication logistics – under Prof Shemwetta. Furthermore under Dr Sayuni Mariki, the FTP will provide report on initial resource mapping of the field area, wildlife tourism & ecotourism and aspects of wildlife utilization in the surrounding WMAs


Prof. Shemwetta (with black coat jacket) and 3rd Year BSc Wildlife students at SUA Tunduru Campus, Ruvuma


Tent Camp just off Tunduru-Masasi road. This camp served as a base for surveying 6km access road (about 6km), boundaries  and location of a permanent Camp in the prospective SUATPA

 Data analysis

 Field data analysis and presentation 


 SUA rUvuma campus 2019

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