Academic Staff

                                                     The College has 73 staff among them 14 are professors and 11 are associate professors 



1. Forest Economics 
  2.  R.C. Ishengoma Wood Utilization
  3.  S.A.O. Chamshama Forest Biology
  4.  W.S. Abeli Forest Engineering
  5.   R.E. Malimbwi Forest Mensuration
  6.  L.L.L. Lulandala Forest Biology
  7.  K.F.S. Hamza Wood utilization
  8.   S. M. S. Maliondo Forest Biology

 G.C. Kajembe

Forest Mensuration & Management
  10.  P.K.T. Munishi Forest Biology
  11. S. Iddi Wood Utilization
  12. P. R. Gillah Forest Wood Utilization
  13. R. P. C. Temu Forest Biology
  14. E. J. Luoga Forest Mensuration & Management 
  15. S.L.S. Maganga Wildlife Management
  16. D. T. K. Shemweta Forest Engineering
  17. G. A. Migunga Forest Engineering
  18. J.F. Kessy Forest Economics
  19. Y. M. Ngaga Forest Economics
  20. A. N. Songorwa Wildlife Management
  21. F.B.S Makonda Wood Utilization
  22. R. L. Mwamakimbulah Wood Utilization
  23. J. R. Kideghesho Wildlife Management
  24. A.E. Kweka Forest Engineering
  25. V. Ndibalema Wildlife Management
  26. S. N. Hassan Wildlife Management
  27. J. J. Kashaigili Forest Mensuration & Management
  28. J. M. Abdallah Forest Economics
  29. E. Zahabu Forest Mensuration & Management
  30. E. F. Nzunda Forest Mensuration & Management
  31. D. A.  Silayo Forest Engineering
  32. J. Z. Katani Forest Mensuration & Management
  33. N. E .J. Mbije Wildlife Management
  34. F. M. Mombo (Mrs) Forest Economics
  35. E. E. Mwakalukwa Forest Biology
  36. S. Augustino (Mrs) Wood Utilization
  37. G. Mbeyale Forest Mensuration & Management
  38.  L.P. Lusambo  Forest Economics
  39.   S. A. Macrice  Forest Biology
  40.  A.  Chitiki  Forest Biology
  41.  R.  Modest    Wildlife Management
  42.  S. Mariki (Mrs)  Wildlife Management
  43.  G.E.  Soka  Wildlife Management
  44.  M. M. Michael   Wildlife Management
  45.  A.  Kitegile  Wildlife Management
  46.  E.W. Mauya  Forest Engineering
  47.  J. T. Mgonja  Tourism and Recreation
  48.  A. A.  Rija  Wildlife Management
  49.  A. Sirima (Ms)  Tourism and Recreation
  50.  P.  E Marwa  Tourism and Recreation
  51.  D. D. Shirima  Forest Biology
  52.  R. Kicheleri (Ms)  Wildlife Management
  53.   F. E. Chiwanga  Tourism and Recreation 
  54.  E. Mwamwaja Tourism and Recreation
  55. F. Everest  Wood Utilization
  56. C.  Kilawe   Forest Biology
  57.  N. E. Peter  Wildlife Management
  58.  G. Z.  Nyamoga   Forest Economics
  59.  E. Asubisye  Tourism and Recreation
  60.  Lazaro Mangewa  Wildlife Management
  61.  C. T. Warburg   Forest Engineering
  62.  Kitasho Neema  Forest Economics
  63.   Temu Beatus  Forest Economics
  64.  Ladslaus Mathew Tourism and Recreation
  65.   J.A. Chialo Tourism and Recreation
  66.  Adili Tiisekwa Tourism and Recreation
  67.  Mecrida Bonephace Tourism and Recreation
  68.  Jamal F. Banzi Tourism and Recreation
  69. Tadeo Semmy Tourism and Recreation
  70. Qambemeda, M.N. Wildlife Management
  71. Gesase Lynda E. Gesase Forest Engineering
  72. Maria Mngulwi Tourism and Recreation
  73. Blandina Shemwetta Tourism and Recreation