Evaluation of "Policy on Tree Seedling Production and Village Land Afforestation in TFAP North Pare Project", Mwanga District, Tanzania. Consultancy report to the GTZ- funded TFAP North Pare Project, Mwanga, Tanzania, August 1996.

Feasibility study for Ruvu Fuelwood Pilot Project, Tanzania. Study sponsored by the Norwegian agency for international development cooperation (NORAD) and contracted to the forest-integrated development and environmental consultants (FORINDECO) of Norway which sub-contracted FORCONSULT of Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania (October - November 1996).

Issues paper on "Law enforcement/agreements/ protocols in natural resources in the SADC region" For the Joint Environment and Land Management/ Forestry/Wildlife community building workshop held in Mbabane, Swaziland from 14-18 April 1997. Contracted and funded by Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Study of sustainable soil management pilot project titled: "Towards an action-oriented strategy for the promotion of sustainable land management". GTZ-funded study, January - June 1997.

Mid-term review of the East Usambara Catchment Forest Project, Tanzania. Consultancy study funded by FINNIDA for the government of Finland and Tanzania. September 1997.

Civil society and land policy in Tanzania: Examining the role of FTPP in the current land debate. Consultancy study funded by the Swedish sponsored Forestry Trees and People Programme (FTPP) September, 1998.

Evaluation of project experience with JFM and Ngitiri registration in the Tanzania Forest Resources Management Project (FRMP) Mwanza and Tabora Regions. World Bank funded study, December 1998.

GEF PDF Block “A” to assess the conservation needs for PDF “B” process in Uluguru Mountain Forests: People issues. Consultancy study for the National Environmental Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC) March 1999.

Study on Financing in Forestry.  FINNIDA-funded Consultancy Task as part of the National Forestry Programme Formulation Process for the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  March – August 2000.

Review of TAN 092 Environmental Programme.  NORAD- funded Management of Natural Resources Programme in the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.  Consultancy study funded by NORAD, 9th - 29th November 2000.

Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing the Role of Forestry in Poverty Alleviation in the Southern African Development Community. A study on poverty-forestry-socio-economic development Nexus – IUCN-ROSA, May 2002. Consultancy study funded by IUCN-ROSA.

The study of the influences of external policies on Miombo Forest Development in Tanzania. A case study on cross-sectoral Linkages in Miombo Forest Development in Tanzania. Consultancy study funded by FAO, 2003.

Resource Economic Analysis of Catchment Forest Reserves in Tanzania. Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Forestry and Beekeeping Division. Consultancy study funded by Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, The United Republic of Tanzania. July 2003.

Review of the DANIDA-funded Participatory Forest Management (PFM) Component in Tanzania for DANIDA and Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT). March/April 2004

Study on the Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Forest Landscape  Restoration in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania. Consultancy Study jointly funded by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature - East African Regional Office (IUCN-EARO).  July 2004 – January 2005.