The Department of Tourism and Recreation (DTR) evolves to reflect existing issues in the fields of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism management.

Tourism is a cross-cutting field of study about people’s travels and pleasure. The concepts of leisure and recreation are central to our department and helps us understand how individuals, organizations, groups, societies engage and perceive leisure and recreation. Leisure and recreation industry provides a wealth of exciting career options and our department members are ready to help you get started or advance your career. Professionals in this field make a difference in people’s lives. Flexibility within the curriculum is achieved by permitting each student to select course work from among several elective courses that include marketing, wildlife-based tourism, travel and tourism, and leisure and recreation. The latitude in selection permits maximum accommodation of the individual student's interests and professional career objectives. We empower our graduates to be managers, entrepreneurs, market professionals in the field of tourism, leisure and recreation. Critical inquiry is the cornerstone of teaching and we take pride in fostering a strong research tradition among our students.