Message from head of Department

Tanzania is endowed with a variety of natural resources that contribute to her economy. In addition to forest resources, others natural resources include energy (biomass and solar), land, petroleum, gas, water, air, wildlife, fisheries and mineral resources. But, there are current and emerging challenges in natural resource sectors that require contemporarily approaches in training, research and services attention. The Department of Forest Economics is always actively follow the societies and predicts acute training programmes, research topics and services in co-operation with international and national stakeholders.

On the other hand know-how and knowledge that department’s personnel have is exploited in decision making, economic activity and education.In addition, changes in consumer’s perceptions and globalization can also be viewed in the forest economics. Therefore, our training, research projects and services (both consultancies and outreach activities) among others focus on the structural change of the forest industry, corporate social responsibility and values of forest owners and consumers, understanding of the production chain of material and immaterial services and commodities produced by the forests. Our loyalty is to enable the use of economic principles and methods to promote the ecologically, economically and socially sustainable use of forests and other relevant natural resources.