Research priority

The Department recognize that excellent research is a vital component of any Science program. The Departmental Research Agenda is designed to support current and emerging priorities and identify those areas that require new scientific knowledge in the short and longer term.  One of the key objectives of the research program is to create new knowledge and methods that will support training and the development of better advice required for policy and decision making in natural resource. The demand for new types of knowledge enabled the Department to deliver effective advice, products and services. It has also served as a catalyst for reassessing and prioritizing existing and future demands for scientific knowledge based on established and emerging priorities.


The following departmental research areas include basic and applied research needed for developing new and improving the use of existing knowledge. These research priorities areas are interconnected and to a large extent, integrated. The areas include:

·         Economics of forest production

·         Environmental accounting

·         Social and Economic value of Natural resource

·         Structural change of the forest industry

·         Corporate social responsibility and values of forest owners and consumers

·         Production value chain and value addition of material and immaterial services and commodities produced by the forests

·         Policy analysis

·         Environmental Social Impact assessment

·         Livelihood Analysis

·         Macroeconomic analysis