Welcome Note

Welcome to the Department of Forest Resources Assessment and Management. The Department is one of the six departments in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and TourismSokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) located in Morogoro Region, Tanzania. The Department is proud of longstanding efforts to promote high quality forest management in the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, other government organizations, NGOs and CBOs.

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What we offer

The Department has long experience in offering forest mensuration and management courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from within and outside the country. The department also conduct research, consultancy and outreach services in the area of  Climate change, Forest Resources Assessment,  Forest and Landscape Restoration. Our commitment has been and will continue to provide services aimed at supporting implementation of National Forest Policy, Forest

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Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Science in Forest Resources Assessment and Management

The aim of this programme is to equip students with innovative knowledge, skills and values in integrated forest resource assessment and management in order to enhance understanding of the current forest resources management and environmental issues

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Staff Profiles

Currently, there are nine academic members of staff , four administrative staff. The academic staff comprises 4 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 1 Senior Lecturers and 1 Lecturer.


The Department is pursuing a wide range of basic and applied research projects on areas that include: forest inventory, modelling, mapping, hydrology, wetland ecosystems, ecology, water resources


The Department is reputed for providing excellent training, research, consultancies and extension services in forest resource assessment, management and governance.