COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week, 22-25 June 2020

Please find below a Save the Date for a FAO Forestry Webinar Week entitled ‘Building back better: COVID-19 pandemic recovery contributions from the forest sector’, to be held from 22-25 June. 

As part of the programme there will be a brief informational session on the XV World Forestry Congress, to be held from 24 to 28 May 2021 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The session, entitled Towards the XV World Forestry Congress, will provide information on progress made on the Congress preparations, inform stakeholders on key dates, and invite participants to learn more in upcoming Congress webinars. There will be a brief space for Q&A. Remarks will be made by:

·  Mr Hiroto Mitsugi, Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department (FAO)

 ·  Mr Ko Kiyeon, Secretary-General, XV World Forestry Congress, Korea Forest Service (KFS)

   ·  Mr Peter Csoka, Associate Secretary-General, XV World Forestry Congress (FAO)         

This session will be held from 14:00-14:15 CET on Monday, 22 June 2020


22- 25 June 2020

12:00 – 3:00 PM CET Monday to Thursday

Tune in to the COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week

Building back better: COVID-19 pandemic recovery contributions
from the forest sector

The week is organized by FAO in close collaboration with the Collaborative Partnership on Forests
 The COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week will feature a series of virtual sessions in the week in which COFO25 and the World Forest Week were originally scheduled. The sessions comprise high-level events as well as technical thematic sessions.
The COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week will assess impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on people and forests; identify and discuss possible responses that help mitigate impacts on people and forests and help address the situation in the short term while at the same time contributing to building a more resilient and sustainable future; propose follow-up steps, including policy dialogue and mobilizing of resources and action that better enables the forest sector to help rebuild sustainable and resilient societies - building back better.
To participate in the events, follow this link:; Password: 419886
Monday 22 June 2020
Tuesday 23 June 2020
Wednesday 24 June 2020
Thursday 25 June 2020
Setting the Scene presentation
Heads of Forestry Dialogue: COVID-19 impacts – main issues, response needs and opportunities to build back better
Forest communities and the impacts of COVID-19: addressing vulnerabilities, supporting responses, and preventing future crises
COVID-19’s effects on deforestation and possible responses through strengthening legality and sustainability SW4SW Roundtable: COVID19-related impacts on forest wood value chains and contributions to build back better
Solutions for Resilience – Responses from Forest and Farm Producer organizations to COVID-19 Using forest and landscape restoration to build resilience and sustainable business
Partnership for Development Dialogue: COVID-19 responses: how to integrate forestry in recovery support measures:  providing jobs, income and building the basis for a more resilient and sustainable future
Closing session
Information brief WFC (15’)
Towards the XV World Forestry Congress
Building back better: strengthening the connection between forests, biodiversity and health in the One Health approach The global forest sector & COVID-19: Navigating a sustainable future in an economically & socially constrained world

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