Research opportunities

There are many areas of research in the training forest that fall in both social and biological sciences. Just to mention a few, investigation has not been done the following areas;

(i)            Impact of taungya on the performance of various tree species

(ii)          Severity of the impact of cypress aphid on changing landscape

(iii)         Determination of extent of dependence of the local community on the training forest

(iv)         Investigation of changing site quality over time in training forest

(v)          Effects of fodder and fuel wood forage on nutrient status of SUA training forest

(vi)         Determination of diversity gradient based on change in altitude in the SUA training forest

However, SUA Training Forest, like many other plantation forests in Tanzania, lack permanent sample plots for collecting data to assess performance of various species. Permanent sample plots are vitally needed for they are living data banks for forest performance under predetermined treatments from stand establishment to rotation.