Welcome Note from Principal, CFWT

As the Principal, it gives me great pleasure and honour to welcome all New first year students to the College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism(CFWT) of Sokoine university of Agriculture(SUA).

I understand the majority, you come from diverse backgrounds which is a good thing since at CFWT we value diversity based on our set up and become more inclusive. As you acclimatize yourself with the CFWT ready to kick start the 2021 Academic year, always lookback and think of where you came from.

The most important is focusing on excellent performance based on skills and competency to bevgained overvtime before award of your degree and later practice your profession. To this end, the CFWT Team will work hard expecting your coorperation to ensure all of you finish the choosen degrees on time.

In addition the Team is always active and ready to guide you and devote time to provide quality education that will enable you realise full potential in your life career. I am confident that if you live with discipline, you will graduate from this College and University with hope, optimism and attain satisfaction in life.

This is the beginning of an exciting time in your lives, and for many of you it could be the first time away from home. The University values your personal safety and rights.

I urge you to be cautious and aware of the SUA Regulations and surroundings during your entire life while utilizing the full potential of allocated Academic Advisors and Head of Departments.

In a nutshell, embrace all the opportunities of varsity life and understand the challenges of this new chapter, where Time management and taking respinsibility is critical.

I also encourage you to make use of the various professional support available on the campus or within the university.

I urge you to keep our environment clean, save water and electricity and help each others.

Our dream in a few years’ time is to see you celebrating your graduation with flying colours.

Thank you for choosing SUA and specifically the CFWT where you won’t regret!

Prof. Suzana Augustino