Women in the Field 2020

The Grumeti Fund is a non-profit organization tasked with carrying out the wildlife conservation and community development work in and around 350,000 acres of the Ikorongo-Grumeti Game Reserve complex (IGGR). With a team of 170 dedicated staff managing and protecting the concessions, remarkable conservation accomplishments have been achieved since 2003, including a four-fold increase in elephants and ten-fold increase in buffalo. In 2019, Grumeti Fund launched a new research program, Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE), whose mission is to develop and support research targeting tangible solutions to benefit the people and wildlife of the Serengeti ecosystem and beyond. A core component of this program is contributing to the development of the next generation of conservationists in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, women are underrepresented in the conservation and field research community. We believe that the inclusion of women in conservation and scientific research will directly contribute to improved outcomes. At RISE, we seek to prepare Tanzanian women to pursue opportunities in the conservation and scientific communities via skill development and by creating a network of women working in the conservation sector across Tanzania.

The Grumeti Fund and RISE are requesting applicants for participants in the second inaugural ‘Women in the Field’ program, a skills-based program designed for Tanzanian women interested in pursuing careers in conservation science. The three-week program will prepare participants in how to: 1) collect various modes of social and ecological data, 2) best practices for data recording and maintenance, 3) coordinate research logistics, and 4) develop professional skills. In addition, the program will provide the opportunity to create and maintain connections with women in the conservation sector across Tanzania.

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