Dr. Samora Andrew Macrice

I am Senior Lecturer from the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation and I lead a research team recognised internationally for its work in understanding the science of tropical ecosystems and their management. I have been competitively awarded funds worth more than 300,000 dollars since joining Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in 2005.In addition to research excellence, I am passionate about educating the next generation and local communities. I want to motivate, inspire and encourage pupils and community members to learn life-long skills thereby enhancing their opportunities in environment and conservation. I was twice awarded grants to promote schools and community education on conservation and management of nature between 2009 and 2017. I was the Deputy Principal from 2016 to 2017 providing strategic leadership within the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism particularly with regards to ensuring the development and quality of student curricula and assessment strategies. I have also been a Chairperson for Undergraduate Studies Committee which oversees development and quality assurance of undergraduate curricular for the period 2015-2017.




Institution name


Senior Lecturer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

2009 - 2014


Sokoine University of Agriculture

2005 - 2009

Assistant Lecturer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Awards and Achievements: Belgium Government Scholarship, Gent (2003 -2004).

Norwegian Government Scholarship, Aas (2007)

Research Fellow, Earth Watch Institute Mount Mulanje Biosphere Reserve –Malawi (2006)



Institution name



2009 - 2014

Norwegian University of Life Sciences


PhD in Ecology

2003 - 2004

University of Ghent


Masters of Science in Plant Protection

1998 - 2001

Sokoine University of Agriculture


Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Research Interest:

Environmental Flows Assessment, Ecology, Ecosystem Health, Plant Invasion, and Climate change and Indigenous communities



Most 10 popular citation


Andrew S.M. & S.J. Sembosi (2017). Spatial and temporal dynamics of land use and land cover in and around Magamba Nature Forest Reserve, Lushoto, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation 86: 2 (2017)


Andrew S.M., Totland Ø., and Moe S.R. (2015). Spatial variation in plant species richness and diversity along human disturbance and Environmental gradients in a tropical wetland. Wetlands Ecology and Management 23: 395-404


Andrew S.M., Totland Ø. & Moe S.R. (2014). Invasion of the cosmopolitan species Echinochloa colona into herbaceous vegetation of a tropical wetland system. Ecological Research 29: 969-979


Ntongani & Andrew S.M. (2013). Bird species composition and diversity in habitats with different disturbance histories at Kilombero Wetlands, Tanzania. Open Journal of Ecology 3:482-488


Andrew S.M., Moe S.R., Totland Ø. & Munishi P.K.T. (2012). Species composition and functional structure of herbaceous vegetation in a tropical wetland system. Biodiversity and Conservation 21: 2865-2885.


SM Andrew, SMS Maliondo & HP Msanga (2008). Effect of seed pre-treatment on laboratory germination of Senna grandis L.f. and Senna spectabilis DC. African Affairs 24:3-26


Andrew, S.M., Nsolomo, V.R., Maliondo, S.M., Munishi, P.K.T. & H. Msita (2008). Yield of edible Pleurotus mushrooms grown on rice straw with and without chicken manure supplementation in Morogoro, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation 77:46-53


R.P.C. Temu & S.M. Andrew (2008). Endemism of Plants in the Uluguru Mountains, Morogoro Tanzania. Forest Ecology and Management 255: 2858-2869


PKT Munishi, SM Andrew, D Olila, JD Kabasa and L Kisovi (2008). Distribution and Nutritional Potential of Four Wetland Indigenous Termitomyces Mushrooms of Musoma, Northern Tanzania. African Affairs 2:171-196


Munishi, P.K.T., Mhagama, M., Muheto, R. & Andrew, S.M (2008). The Role of Urban Forestry in Mitigating Climatic Change and Performing Environmental Services in Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation 77:25-34

Conference Papers:




Andrew S.M. (2015). Riparian vegetation and environmental flow requirement within the Kilombero Sub-basin of Tanzania. In Mcclain M and J. O’Keeffe. Proceedings of the environmental flow setting workshop, Nashera Hotel 30th and 31st March 2015. p 9-12


Andrew S.M. (2014). Agroforestry in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+): Africa, where are you? Proceedings of the International Conference on Reducing Climate Change Challenges through Forestry and Other Land Use Practices, Nashera Hotel, Morogoro, 1st-3rd April, 2014, Tanzania.

Undergraduate teaching includes Ecology, Integrated Watershed Management and Plant Health. At a postgraduate level, I teach Research Methods, Ecosystem Restoration, Wetlands Ecology and Management and Ecosystem Health Management.

I currently have funding for research and education from USAID (Plant Invasion control), EAMCEF (Livelihoods, Biodiversity and Climate stresses) and MOHAMED BIN ZAYED (Ecology, Pollen limitation and Education). Previous funding has been from UNESCO (Indigenous communities and Climate change), DARWIN INITIATIVE AND BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY (Invasive Plants) and USAID (Environmental Flows Assessments).

I am currently the supervisor of 5 Masters Students and have had 2 Masters Students and 17 Bachelors students who successfully graduate since 2006. For Honours students completed under my supervision, I have had ten students with first class Honours and 8 with a higher second class.

Professional Bodies Membership:

Member, Tropical Biology Association (TBA)

Member, Ecological Society of Eastern Africa (ESEA)

Zonal Secretary, Tanzania Association of Foresters (TAF)

Member, African Society of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms (ASEMM)

Board/Committee Membership:



Board Name



Ministerial Advisory Board -Tanzania Tree Seed Agency



College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism Board-SUA



Centre for Information, Communication and Technology-SUA



Steering Committee of SUA-Tanzania National Service- Tanzania Prisons Service Steering Committee

Offices Held:


Office Name


2016- date

Head of Department

Department of Ecosystems and Conservation, SUA


Deputy Principal

College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism Board-SUA


National Afforestation and Reforestation Manager

Association of Tanzania Tobacco Traders, Tabora

Senior Lecturer in Ecology
E-address: smacrice@sua.ac.tz
Phone: +255-023-2 603511 ext. 4607
Fax: +255-023-2604648
Campus: Main Campus
Building: Ecosystems and Conservation
Office Number: 12
Other websites: www.sua.ac.tz
Org Unit: College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism