Seminar: Imagined forestry lessons from past and present

Speaker : Jens Friis Lund , Associate professor at the University of Copenhagen


 About the Speaker


Jens Friis Lund is associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. He is a political ecologist with a keen interest in equity, justice and knowledge production around natural resources governance. He has worked on participatory or decentralized approaches to forestry and wildlife management in Tanzania and Nepal, timber governance and forest history in Ghana, and economic and social issues of hunting and other recreational uses of landscape in Denmark.


Brief introduction of the SCIFOR Project


The Sokoine University of Agriculture in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Institute of Forestry, Nepal is implementing a research project called Science and Power in Participatory Forestry (SCIFOR). Overall, the project investigates politics in the production, circulation, and application of scientific knowledge guiding forest management in Tanzania and Nepal. The project was conceived out of the observation that scientific forestry knowledge that originated in central Europe in early 19th century, initially for taxation purposes, remains the standard today also in Participatory Forest Management (PFM) processes. The project starting point is problems with implementation of PFM: inadequate funding, plans not based on rigorous inventories, unclear whether management plans are used, unclear whether PFM forests generate values that justify the costs of intensive inventories, just to mention a few. Despite all these problems, the framing of PFM in technical and procedural terms endures.


The project is supporting two PhD students at SUA. The overall project leader from Denmark is Associate Prof Jens Friis Lund and the project leader in Tanzania is Prof. Y. Ngaga. The presentation will be drawn on the following works:


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