Welcome to the Department of Forest Products and Technology (DFPT). This new Department was previously known “Department of Wood Utilization” and its name changed after the University-wide restructuring process which also changed the former “Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation” into a Prospective College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism (CFWT). The DFPT has been formulated and is currently operationalized to complement the efficiency and effectiveness of the prospective CFWT. DFPT is one of the seven Departments in the Prospective College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism of the Sokoine University of Agriculture established in 1984. Currently, there are eight academic and three non-academic members of staff. The Department is reputed for providing excellent education and skills to students besides undertaking innovative, creative and problem-solving researches in both wood and wood-based science and forest products (including the lesser known ones) technologies to ensure sustainable utilization of forest resources. It is dedicated to bring about scientific advancements and technological enhancements in the field of forestry and wood sciences. The DFPT is eager to respond to the current changing demands on and the capabilities of utilizing forests sustainably and technological advancement in forest industry within the country and across Africa.

The new DFPT has been structured well in terms of organization to ensure that quality training, research and other activities are offered to our clients both students and other key stakeholders within and outside the University. The DFPT is evolving with new changes however, building its strength from the long experience of the former Department of Wood Utilization in offering wood science and forest products utilization courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the country and across Africa. The DFPT is currently pursuing a wide range of basic and applied research on areas that include: Wood quality assessment, anatomy and timber identification, wood biomass, wood and non wood/timber forest products and utilization including value addition aspects. On top of that, five years to come the DFPT plans to establish two new undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as short courses in demand driven topics within the field. The researches, consultancies and outreach activities conducted are aligned within the social, economic and environmental context of sustainable development. Basically our researches are dynamic aiming to respond to the current changing demands on and the capabilities of forestry and forest industry.

Dr. Suzana Augustino
Head of Department

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