Postgraduate programmes


The Department offers a Master Programme in Forest Engineering and  Forest Products and Technology. We also offer courses to students taking MSc. Forestry majoring in the area of forest products utilization and allied sciences. The courses offered using lectures, seminars and practical in order to produce forest products scientists and technologists whose expertise is to integrate knowledge from a variety of disciplines and apply it to rational decision making and problem solving in the fields of Forest Products and Technology. In the coming three years the DFPT plans to add one more MSc. degree programme on Bioenergy to widen its scope and cater for the stakeholders needs within the country.

Course structure
1 Summary of courses under the programme and their notional hours distribution1 2




The Department offers PhD degree for candidates majoring in areas of Forest Products and Technologies as well as allied sciences.


Admission of candidates to PhD degree programme in the Department shall follow the Sokoine University of Agriculture Regulations for Higher degrees.

Candidates shall be registered for PhD degree programme on meeting the minimum entry requirements as stipulated in the the Sokoine University of Agriculture Regulations for Higher degrees.