Skills We Develop

Choosing a career involves more than just finding out what is open to you. Knowledge about yourself is central to the process. It is useful to start by looking at your individual values, interests, and skills in order to relate career options to you personally. The suggestions here are only an aid to this decision-making process.
By studying wood science within a broader sense of Forest Products utilization and Technology you’ll be able to develop skills and knowledge to change your thinking from the field of not only processing wood beyond the primary phase but also establish the vital link between the basic wood properties and further industrial processing technologies to high-value products. At the end as a professional you be able to support a viable and progressive forest products industry that can keep pace with similar industries and technologies throughout the world. Furthermore, you’ll have gained a deeper appreciation of the economic and social constraints within which forest products industries must work – and of the importance of forest resources sustainability.
In addition to enhancing your knowledge base and technical skills undertaking your degree will develop your capacity to think creatively, logically, and quantitatively. You will gain a greater appreciation of the importance of being able to communicate your ideas, both verbally through giving presentations and in the form of written assignments. Involvement in project work will help you appreciate the importance of good planning and careful execution of your work. In addition, when working as part of a group, you will have had the opportunity to recognize the value of co-operation, teamwork and leadership.

Forest products and Technology professionals are unique people who can combine skills in those different areas to care for the forests resources. They have broad knowledge, solid technical competence and rigorous understanding of the forest products technologies leading to a research or forest industry career in wood, wood based and non timber settings. With the limited and yet increasing demand for forestry profession a need of forest products technologists is growing highly. It takes a person with a deep understanding of the situation and strong technical skills to ensure that sensible decisions are made. Someone like you!.