New Publication: Mechanized Timber Skidding Productivity and Costs

The Department of Forest Engineering and Wood Sciences (DFEWS) is excited to announce a new publication titled “Productivity and Costs of Mechanized Skidding Operations at Sao Hill Forest Plantation, Tanzania” authored by Gilberth Prosper Temba, Ernest William Mauya, and George Ansigar Migunga. This paper examines the productivity and costs associated with using a grapple skidder […]

DFEWS Oral Defence

Gilberth Temba to Defend MSc. Dissertation

Oral Defence Examination – Gilberth Prosper Temba – MSc Forest Engineering   “Timber Harvesting Planning by using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study of Sao Hill Forest Plantation”   Date and Time: November 14 2023   Venue: Coffee Room Department of Forest Engineering and Wood Sciences   Panel Members: Prof. W. S. Abeli Department of Forest […]

From Log to Sawn Timber: FPT for BSc. WTVA on Sawmilling Industry

Tanzania’s sawmilling industry is experiencing a┬ásignificant boost in efficiency and productivity with the widespread adoption of advanced bandsaw technology. These versatile cutting tools are revolutionizing the log breakdown process, leading to higher-quality sawn timber and improved resource utilization. With their precision, automation features, and versatility, bandsaws are becoming a cornerstone of Tanzania’s sawmilling operations. The […]

Unlock Sustainable Charcoal Production: Mark V Portable Kiln in Charcoal Production at SUATF

Sustainable charcoal production is an important consideration to minimize the environmental impact of traditional charcoal production methods. The use of efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, such as the Mark V Portable Kiln, can help achieve this goal. Sustainable charcoal production aims to reduce deforestation and carbon emissions while promoting responsible forestry practices. Here are some […]

Unleashing Your Creative Potential in BSc. Wood Technologies and Value Addition at SUA.

Are you fascinated by the versatility and beauty of wood? Do you want to explore innovative ways to enhance its value and create sustainable solutions? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the degree programme in Wood Technologies and Value Addition will be the solution. At Sokoine University of Agriculture, we believe in harnessing […]

BSc. WTVA Students Harness Their Potential Through Field Practical Training.

Student from BSc. Wood technologies and Value addition Year 1 at a Field Practical Station, Vuyisile Mini Furniture Factory, located in the Sokoine University of Agriculture at Morogoro Region. The Degree Programme is hosted in the Department of Forest Engineering and Wood Sciences at the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism-SUA. Students were exposed to […]