The programmes that are offered within the department are envisioned to  prepare and equip professionals who shall be ready and capable of taking charge in developing desirable and quality tourism and recreation products; assisting communities to take fullest advantages of tourism opportunities; establishing and enforcing a regulatory and policy framework for guiding development of the industry; establishing and implementing mechanism for maximizing socio-economic benefits of tourism to the country and industry’s stakeholders; aggressively promoting the country’s products in the local, regional and global markets; and to ensure that in the industry within its principles of sustainability.

Department is planning to offer Masters programme starting academic year 2020/2021. Stay tuned for more information.

The current postgraduate student list is as shown below

 Alpha John Mwongoso

  PhD candidate

 Registration date: November 2016

Expected completion date: November 2020

Title: Linking tourism development on community lands with livelihoods of local residents in northen Tanzania

Supervisors: Dr. Agnes Sirima and Dr. John T. Mgonja



 Ghaka, Masera Daniel

 PhD candidate

Registration date: January 2020

Expected completion date: December 2022

Proposed Title: Impact of nature-based tourism and wildlife resources management in protected areas

Supervisor: Dr. Agnes Sirima and Dr. Geofrey Soka