Staff Research Projects

Staff Research ProjectsResearchers
Environmental Flow Assessment of RUVU Catchment River, Dry Season Analysis, Wami/Ruvu BasinWater Board, March 2018 –
Researchers: Prof. Japhet Kashaigili and Dr. Agnes Sirima
Analysing natural resource policy frameworks and evaluating options for promoting poverty alleviation objectives in the governance of ecosystem services, July 2016.
Researchers: Dr. John T. Mgonja, Prof. George C. Kajembe, Dr. Rose P. Kicheleri, Dr. Innocent Babili and Ms. Maria E. Mngulwi.
Establish linkage between ECOPRC and other REDD+ initiatives at national level, March 2018 –
Researchers: Prof. Jumanne Abdallah, Prof. Romanus Ishengoma and Dr. Agnes Sirima
Baseline study: Inventory of the network of conservation organizations, African Conservation Centre, December 2017 –
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima and African Conservation Centre
Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) project, 2014-2020
esearchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima, African Conservation Centre and McGill University, Canada
Biological Resource Field Survey for an environmental assessment of the proposed Kisegese Irrigation Scheme, CDM Smith, August 2017 – March 2018
Researchers: Mr. Godgift Swai, Dr. Agnes Sirima and Access Consulting Ltd.
WMA Viability Analysis, USAID PROTECT – Tanzania, June 2017 – Jan 2018
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima, Mr. Lazaro Mangewa and Ms. Neema Kitasho
Environmental Flow Assessment of Zigi Catchment River – Wet Season Analysis, Pangani Basin Water Board, March – June 2017
Researchers: Prof. Japhet Kashaigili and Dr. Agnes Sirima
Assessing Enguserosambu community forest dependence and motivation for forest protection, 2015/2016.
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima
Laying the Foundations for Effective Landscape-level Planning for Sustainable Development in the SAGCOT Corridor: Ihemi Agricultural Cluster (LiFELand) 2015/2016.
Researchers: Prof. Japhet Kashaigili, Prof. Reuben Kadigi, Dr. Anna Sikira, Dr. Agnes Sirima, Dr. Winfred Mbungu
Assessing Community Biodiversity Awareness around Wazo Hill Quarry, March – Dec 2016
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima, Dr. Michael Muganda and Ms. Halima Mangi
Community Based Tourism Training to selected six villages surrounding Saadani National Park. Funded by IUCN/Kesho Trust. May 2016
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima
Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Great Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem: drivers of change, causalities and sustainable management strategies, July 2016. Vedasto G. Ndibalema, Dr. Rose P. Kicheleri, Prof. Jafari R. Kideghesho, Ms. Maria E. Mngulwi, Mr. Philip Jackob, Prof. Eivin Roskaft and Prof. Martin Reinhardt.Researchers: Prof. Hassan N. Shombe, Dr. John T. Mgonja, Prof. Vedasto G. Ndibalema, Dr. Rose P. Kicheleri, Prof. Jafari R. Kideghesho, Ms. Maria E. Mngulwi, Mr. Philip Jackob, Prof. Eivin Roskaft and Prof. Martin Reinhardt.
Provisioning ecosystem services: A spatial analysis of incentives and constraints on food provisioning by households through illegal hunting, relative to agropastoralism grazing ecosystem reliability, July 2016.Researchers: Dr. Angela Mwakatobe, Dr. John T. Mgonja, Prof. Julius Nyahongo and Dr. Flora Magige.
Evaluating Local Food-Tourism Linkages as a Strategy for Promoting Sustainable Tourism and Economic Development in Tanzania, August 2013-May 2015.
Researchers: Dr. John T. Mgonja.
Does Traditional Ecological Knowledge Contribute to Conservation of the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem? Funded by Rufford Foundation, 2014/2015.
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima
Examining capacity for a cooperative seafood tourism trail as a value-added marine resource-based recreation and tourism product on the South Carolina coast, August 2012 – April 2015.
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima, Dr. Gregory Ramshaw and Ms. Lauri Jodice
Assessing community perception on Land trusts and tourism, land trusts and volunteerism, land trusts and farming in North and South Carolina, USA August 2014.
Researchers: Dr. John T. Mgonja and Charles Chancellor.
Corridor identification/ spatial planning in selected WWF target landscapes, Tanzania. Funded by WWF, May – October, 2011.
Researchers: Prof. Japhet Kashaigili, Dr. Agnes Sirima, Prof. Emmanuel Nzunda
Assessment of conflicts between farmers and livestock keepers in Kilombero-Rufiji Basin, July 2010.
Researchers: Prof. Seif S. Madoffe, Prof. Davis G. Mwamfupe and Dr. John T. Mgonja.
Exploring the role of innovation in promoting sustainable tourism development in peripheral communities: The Top of the South Aquaculture and Seafood Trail, New Zealand. July – October, 2009.
Researchers: Dr. Agnes Sirima, Ms. Laurie Jodice, and Dr. John Hull
Local community participation in tourism development decision making process: mto wa mbu, July 2009.
Researchers: Dr. Muganda Michael Mutaka and Dr. John T. Mgonja.
Quality assurance assessment for portable water manufacturing – Dasani brand bottled water, June 2008.
Researchers: Dr. Anselm Moshi and Dr. John T. Mgonja
Food safety and hygiene capacity building for hotel employees – Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel, June 2008.
Researchers: Dr. Anselm Moshi and Dr. John T. Mgonja
Empowering poor, vulnerable women in the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania to have a greater control over their lives, October 2007- July 2008.
Researchers: Dr. John T. Mgonja.
Empowering Tanzania Food Processors Association (TAFOPA) Tanga chapter members in using simple and appropriate technologies in developing new products for small scale food processing, January – July, 2005.
Researchers: Dr. John T. Mgonja.