Aman S Kitegile

  Aman S Kitegile (Lecturer)

  Department: Wildlife Management

  P.O. Box: 3073

  Phone: +255 754 059 571

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Amani Kitegile is a lecturer in the department of wildlife management at Sokoine University of Agriculture. After completing his Master’s degree, Amani started pursue career in wildlife research with special interest in primates. Amani has more than 9 years’ experience of conducting researches in wildlife. Since 2006 Amani has successfully worked in collaboration with both local and international researchers in various projects. He is among the authors of “The Critical Endangered Kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji) of Southern Tanzania; First Census and Conservation status assessment” the first paper to publish precise results on population status of newly discovered primate genus Rungwecebus. Currently Amani is a co-researcher at Animal Behavior Research Unit (ABRU), Mikumi National Park; and a PhD fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK.