Degree programs offered by the Wildlife Management Department

The department offers two undergraduate degree programmes recognised by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). It also offers MSc. in Wildlife Management and Conservation, and PhD programme in the areas of wildlife management and tourism. All these programmes meet both national and international standards.

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management

This is a 3 – year programme pursued in 6 semesters. It started in 1998 to provide the wildlife sector with wildlife experts equipped with professional and technical knowledge and skills necessary for addressing wildlife conservation and development challenges in the country, African region and beyond.

Programme Aims:  The main aim of the programme is to produce wildlife management experts who are equipped with advanced professional and technical, analytical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills in wildlife management and related industries for sustainable development.

Admission Requirements: Two Principal passes in Biology/Zoology and Chemistry, Physics/ Mathematics/ Science and Practice of Agriculture at the ACSEE making up a minimum total of 4.5 points. 


Holder of Diploma in Wildlife Management, Diploma in Animal Health, Diploma in Animal Health and Production, Diploma in Fisheries Management, Diploma in or equivalent qualifications with at least a credit from an accredited college.  A holder of such a Diploma should have four passes in either of the following Ordinary Level subjects: Biology/Zoology, Chemistry, English, and Physics, Practice in Agriculture and Mathematics or equivalent.


Holder of BSc. in life sciences such as Zoology, Animal Health and Public Health or equivalent. Candidates from other Veterinary Faculties / Schools may join in at any stage of the programme upon providing satisfactory evidence of having done and passed core courses that are supposed to have been taken before the applied entry point. Such Veterinary Faculties/Schools should be among those recognised by the VCT.


 Bachelor of Tourism Management

This is a 3 – year degree programme pursued in 6 semesters. The programme was established in 2008 as the first tourism degree programme established in the country seeking to provide the tourism industry with professionals trained through theoretical and intensive practical approaches. 

Programme Aims: The overall purpose of the programme is to develop theoretical, practical and industrial trained graduates with positive attitudes, ethical values, professional knowledge, and managerial as well as entrepreneurial skills in tourism sphere. The graduates are expected to become tourism practitioners as managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, researchers and providers of advisory services. The graduates are also expected to impart positive social-economic impacts at the state, regional and international levels.

Admission requirements: Two principal passes (4 points) in Biology/Geography/Chemistry/Physics/Science and Practice in Agriculture/Mathematics/Food and Nutrition/Home Economics. Candidates with principal passes in Economics, Commerce or English/French/Spanish also qualify as long as they have in addition a pass in Biology at CSEE.


Candidates seeking admission through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) shall be required to have valid RPL certificate obtained after passing RPL examination relevant to the degree programme being applied for as recommended by the Senate.