About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Wildlife Management (DWLM) in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism, Sokoine University of Agriculture. The Department is located at Edward Moringe Campus at the foot of Eastern Arc mountains block (Uluguru) in Morogoro city, Tanzania. At DWLM, we specialize in training both undergraduate and postgraduate students and do research in conservation of wildlife and natural ecosystems. We have the best trained academics in various fields ranging from terrestrial to aquatic ecologists and conservation scientists and from natural to social sciences that underpin our capacity to resolving problems facing humanity and nature today.  

Our academic staff have diverse research interests spanning a range of fields: Range ecology, Aquatic ecology, Animal behavior, Ecosystem Management, Human wildlife conflict, and conservation biology. This wide range of specialization facilitates an array of novel research collaborations within the Department and externally, and gives our teaching breadth, depth and immediacy. As a department we provide students with opportunity to explore and understand the complexities of wildlife management and ecosystems conservation, and biodiversity in its entirety through a diverse range of courses and hands-on experiences.

Our department is impactful. Since 1998,  DWLM has trained students who have gone to work as field practitioners, Wildlife managers and officers and directors of state conservation agencies such as Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA), Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA),  Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), local and international non-governmental organization such as UNDP, WWF and TRAFFIC and are leading the course of wildlife and biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability in today’s challenging world. Further, our graduates not absorbed in the mainstream employment have self-employed and excelled in private businesses making substantial direct impact to the society.

We welcome you to train or research with the Department of Wildlife Management if you are looking for a career in nature conservation and nature-based business.

Prof. Alfan Rija
Head of Department

Contact us via Department of Wildlife Management, College of forestry, Wildlife and Tourism, P.O. Box 3073, CHUO KIKUU, MOROGORO,TANZANIA.
Tel. No.: +255 23 2601376 /255 23 2603511-4 Ext. 4625: Email: headwildlife@sua.ac.tz