What we do

The Department of Wildlife Management is at the forefront of the core activities of the Sokoine University of Agriculture that encompass teaching, research, consultancies, and public engagement, all in the pursuit of advancing the fields of ecology, wildlife management, and conservation biology.


Teaching at DWLM involves imparting knowledge and skills to students preparing students to be critical thinkers. Our dedicated team of instructors delivers lectures, organize field trips to Wildlife protected areas, and engage students in practical exercises and ecological and biological experiments to help them develop the necessary skills to become competent wildlife professionals.

At DWLM, we are well-equipped and supported by the university’s excellent infrastructures that provide a conducive environment for learning, and research. The university boasts spacious and well-maintained lecture rooms and lecture theaters, providing an ideal setting for both small-group discussions and larger class sessions. These facilities are conducive to interactive learning, allowing for effective student-teacher engagement. The department can host lectures, seminars, and workshops in these well-furnished spaces, ensuring a comfortable and productive learning environment.


The department’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are well-maintained to support various aspects of wildlife management and ecological research. These laboratories serve as hubs for conducting experiments, analyzing data, and studying specimens. The availability of modern equipment ensures that students and researchers have the necessary tools to conduct high-quality research and gain practical experience in the field.  



Research underpins our growth at DWLM.  Our academic staff and students actively engage in researching a diverse array of topics including wildlife behavior, landscape restoration, Population ecology, Resource governance, Marine Biology and climate change impacts on ecosystems. The department’s research endeavors are tailored to encompass the most pressing challenges faced by wildlife and natural environments today. Our research has led to a deeper understanding of wildlife and ecological systems and underpin informed decision-making in the realms of conservation and sustainable resource management in Tanzania and across Eastern Africa


We have diverse experts to offer indisputable consultancy services to the public and private companies in need. This function involves addressing challenges in a range of fields including Environmental issues, conservation planning, natural resources policies and regulations, landscape restoration, biodiversity and wildlife management with a focus on practical applications and real-world problem-solving. Welcome at DWLM!

Public Engagement

The department engages with the broader community to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and ecological issues. These involve organizing workshops, seminars, and outreach programs to educate the public about the importance of protecting natural habitats and biodiversity. The DWLM collaborates with local communities and the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism  to develop sustainable conservation practices and build support for wildlife protection efforts.