Ms. Nandera Lolila representing CFWT at the ongoing 26th IUFRO Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

Ms. Nandera Lolila from the Department of Forest Engineering and Wood Sciences  at the IUFRO, Stockholm, Sweden

Ms. Nandera Lolila, a researcher from the College of Forest, Wildlife and Tourism, presented a poster titled “Tree Species Composition along Environmental and Disturbance Gradients in Subtropical Montane Forests, Tanzania” at the 26th IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden. The poster showcased her research findings on the relationship between tree species composition and various environmental factors and disturbances in the subtropical montane forests of Tanzania.

Lolila’s study aimed to understand how tree species adapt to different environmental conditions and respond to various levels of disturbance in these unique forest ecosystems. By analyzing data collected from field surveys, she was able to identify key tree species that thrive in specific environmental niches and those that are more resilient to disturbances such as close distance to roads and proximity to villages.

The findings are useful in guiding in policy interventions that focus on minimizing human disturbances in the forests and could aid in preserving and restoring the functional organization and tree species composition of the sub-tropical montane forests.

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