young employees at SUA encouraged to learn from their experienced counterparts

On the enchanting evening of February 2, 2024, the vibrant SUASA Club played host to a spectacular get-together party for the College of ForestryWildlife, and Tourism at our beloved institution. The atmosphere was electric, as new and seasoned members of our academic family came together to celebrate and share invaluable experiences.

Mr. Mbonea Mweta and Miss. Hadija Mchelu opening up some drinks during the party

The highlight of the night was the inspiring address by Professor Amandus Muhairwa, the Deputy Vice Chancellor on Finance and Administration. As he stood before the enthusiastic crowd, he emphasized the significance of fostering a culture of learning and collaboration within the college.

Laughter and joy from head of departments on handling a certificate of appreciation to Prof. Vedasto Ndibalema on behalf of Prof. Shombe Hassan

The spotlight then turned to a distinguished guest retired Professor Yonika Ngaga from the Department of Forest and Environmental Economics. Prof. Ngaga, who once held the same prestigious position as Prof. Muhairwa, was awarded for his remarkable contributions over the years where in swahili they say “Utumishi Uliotukuka“.

Prof. Yonika Ngaga receiving his certificate of honor from the Vice chancellor Prof. Raphael Chibunda along side Deputy Vice chancellor Finance and administration Prof. Amandus Muhairwa and other heads of department from the college of forestry, wildlife and tourism

In a heartfelt short speech, Prof. Ngaga spoke on behalf of all retired staff at the college. He stressed the importance of bridging the generational gap and encouraged the newly employed staff to glean wisdom from their experienced counterparts. Having been part of the university since its inception in 1984, Prof. Ngaga shared a rich history, reminiscing about his days as a student alongside the current Chancellor, retired judge Honorable Joseph Warioba.

We have witnessed the growth and evolution of this institution, and it is our duty to pass on the torch of knowledge to the next generation,” Prof. Ngaga expressed passionately.

Prof. Yonika Ngaga speaking to the crowd during the college get together party event

Adding to the spirit of unity, Deputy Principal Dr. Charles Kilawe who is also the head of Department of Ecosystems and Conservation took the stage, emphasizing the need for cooperation among all staff members. Dr. Kilawe highlighted that growth is most fruitful when rooted in peace and harmony, fostering an environment where each member contributes to the collective success of the college.

Deputy Principal Dr. Charles Kilawe  speaking to the audience during the event

As laughter echoed and memories were shared, the SUASA Club became a symbol of unity, wisdom, and celebration for the College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism. May the echoes of this memorable night resonate in the halls of academia for years to come, guiding the path of future leaders in the field of forestry, wildlife, and tourism.



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