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The Department of Ecosystems and Conservation provides students with instruction and expertise in a diverse area of ecological and biological sciences. The Department is one of the six departments in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) located in Morogoro Region, Tanzania.

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What we offer

We offer teaching, research, consultancy and outreach services in the area of  Climate change, Biodiversity,  Integrated ecosystem assessment, Ecological impact assessment and planning, Environmental flows assessments, Integrated, Invasive species biology, Detection and control, Ecology, Restoration and Eco – physiology

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Latest Updates, Announcements, Stories and more

PhD Research Concept Note: Invasion, impacts and management of Prosopis and Water Hyacinth in Tanzania

Name of Student: Juma Ayoub Tegeje Names of Supervisors: 1. Dr. Kilawe, C – Department Of Ecosystems And Conservation, SUA...
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Undergraduate Students’ Research Project Presentation

The Department of Ecosystems and Conservation provides students with instruction and expertise in a diverse area of ecological and biological sciences...
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AMR Diagnostics and Surveillance 2023

JPIAMR is launching an international call for projects under the umbrella of JPIAMR and within the framework of the ERA-NET...
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Healthy Livestock-Safe Food (ITP)

The application for cohort 5 is now open. The deadline for application is 15th February 2023. Information on the programme...
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CBD COP 15 Event Warns of Threats from Loss of Soil Biodiversity

Loss of soil biodiversity remains one of the main global threats to food security in many regions of the world...
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Recent scientific briefs provide information about the Global Biodiversity Framework goals.

In preparation for the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) negotiations, a group of experts came together in late 2021, convened...
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Unlocking the potential of bamboo and rattan as nature-based solution to tackle plastic pollution

The Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) focused on bamboo and rattan as nature-based solutions for replacing plastics,...
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Increasing species coverage to support global biodiversity conservation

The world is losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. The Living Planet Index reports a 68% decline in the world’s biological diversity since...
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Small Grants for Conservation in Africa

The Jana Robeyst Trust Fund provides financial resources to small non-profit organizations and individuals to carry out conservation research in...
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Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes

M.Sc Forestry is the oldest programme which has been offered since 1974 while the other two programmes (Agroforestry and Ecosystem Science and Management) were recently established (2011). M.Sc programmes are offered for two years, the first year is for course work and the second year is for research and dissertation write-up. Students are also admitted to a 3-year PhD programme by research only or course work and research.

Field practicals in some of these fields are conducted at the College training facilities at Olmotonyi (an 840 ha forest plantation) and Mazumbai forest reserve (320 ha montane forest) and Kitulanghalo (550 ha Miombo woodlands). There is also an Ecosystem and Conservation laboratory at the main campus for student practicals and research as well as staff research. Other laboratory facilities in the University are utilized by staff and students as the need arises.

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Staff Profiles

Academic staffs in the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation give lectures to undergraduates (B.Sc Forestry, B.Sc Wildlife Management, and Bachelor of Tourism Management) and postgraduates (M.Sc Forestry, M.Sc Agroforestry, M.Sc Ecosystem Science and Management, and PhD) in its fields of mandate.

Yonas Hailu Alemu, assistant professor at Haramaya University in Ethiopia, completed his PhD study in 2017 as part of the University of Copenhagen’s Haramaya Camel Dairy Project.


Academic members of staff undertake research in various fields. Many kinds of research have been conducted by staff and students since professional forestry education started in Tanzania in 1973. At present, a total of 12 research projects are in progress. Research projects are local and/or donor-funded

Student spotting Big Momella Lake Wetland ecosystem found at ANAPA. The lake has high concentration of fluoride and supports micro algae


Academic staff are also involved in consultancy either locally or internationally. Consultancy work is coordinated by the College consultancy unit (FOR CONSULT). Consultancies conducted by staff in the Department are as presented in their respective CVs.

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