Hadija Ahmad Mchelu


  1. Full Name: Hadija Ahmad Mchelu
  2. Title: Tutorial Assistant
  3. Area of specialization: Forest Soil
  4. College/School/Institute/Directorate/Centre/Department/Unit/Section: Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism
  5. Department: Ecosystems and Conservation
  6. Office Location: CFWT building Office No: 22
  7. Email address: mcheluhadija@gmail.com 


My name is Hadija Ahmad Mchelu, a Tutorial Assistant in Forest Soil in the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation. I attained a Bachelor degree of Science in forestry at Sokoine University of Agriculture 2019 and worked as Administrative Officer of the CONTAN project “Developing Curricular for biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation in Tanzania”  under Erasmus+ programme since 2021 and then joined SUA as academic staff on September 2022. I am passionate about specializing and conducting researches on Forest soil, soil sciences, forest ecology, conservation and restoration.



Date Institution name Country Title
2016-2019 Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania Bachelor of science in Forestry



Research Interests / Areas: Forest soil, Soil science, Forest ecology, Conservation, restoration and Climate Change.


  1. List of courses: Introduction to soil, Forest Soil Management, Soil Surveying, Classification & Land Evaluation
  2. Students Supervision: Forestry students


1. Journal Articles

  • Kilawe, C.J., Mchelu, H.A., & Cosmas, C.J. (2022). The impact of Invasive tree Cedrela odorota on the Electric blue gecko (Lygodactylus williamsi) and its habitat (Pandanus rabaiensis) at Kimboza Forest Reserve Tanzania. Global Ecology and Conservation, 38, e02225.
  • Mchelu Hadija Ahmad, Mauya Ernest William, Lolila Nandera Juma, Madundo Sami Dawood (2022). Applications and Challenges of Information and Communication Technology in the Forest Sector: A Case Study of Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania, International Journal of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022, pp. 22-28. doi: 10.11648/j.ijnrem.20220701.14
  • Juma, N. N., Mchelu, H. A., & Mauya, E. W. (2021). Lumber Recovery and Production Rates of Small-Scale Mobile Sawmilling Industries in Northern Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation90(3), 74-83.
  • Madundo, S. D., Mauya, E. W., Lolila, N. J., & Mchelu, H. A. (2022). Modelling and Mapping Forest Above-Ground Biomass Using Earth Observation Data. International Journal of Natural Resource Ecology and Management7(1), 15.

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

  • May, 2021, Participated in 2nd SUA scientific conference workshop at Sokoine University of Agriculture.
  • July, 2022, GIS and Remote sensing training workshop for Management and Conservation of Natural resources offered by University of Helsinki-Finland under Erasmus+ programme.
  • October, 2022, attended Bibliometric analysis training workshop for scientific review paper writing offered by National Autonomous University of Mexico.



Date Position Title
2021-2024 Administrative Officer CONTAN project -Sokoine University of Agriculture



Position: Tutorial Assistant in Forest soil


Phone: +255 768 641 232 /+255 625 369 690

Campus: Edward Moringe Campus

BuildingCollege of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism

Office number: 22

Other websiteswww.sua.ac.tz

Org UnitCollege of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism