Technical and Administrative Staff

Dr. Eva Ephraim Mtengeti
Currently, I am Chief Technologist and in charge of the Departmental laboratory, the Department of Ecosystem and Conservation. My current areas of research interest include soil fertility management and land evaluation, soil sampling, and analysis. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Mr. Stephano Kingazi
I am a Forester with a particular interest in Agroforestry Research on the interaction of people, agriculture, and trees to the scales from eco-physiological interactions among system components to landscape-level effects, across tropical environments, with a focus on multipurpose tree species and farm trees.

Ms.Theresia John Gervas
Personal Secretary

Ms M.L. Yagunga
Senior Office Attendant

Mrs. Venancia Pius Mlelwa
Office Attendant

Mr. Amani Ashery
Office Attendant