The Constitution of the Tanzania Forestry Students’ Association (TFSA) of 2012

(Made under Article 47-(1) of the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter, 2007)



WHEREAS students studying Bachelor of Science forestry, are the future professionals toward establishing, sustaining, managing and utilizing forest resources.

WHEREAS these duties could only be successfully achieved by the unit and solidarity imparted at the students’ level under the common forestry students’ organization, founded under democratic principles.

AND WHEREAS students of BSc. Forestry believes and understand that the Sokoine University of Agriculture provides for the establishment of other students organizations as stipulated in the Sokoine university of Agriculture charter, 2007

NOW THEREFORE, students of Bachelor of Science, forestry have found their Association, the Tanzania forestry students’ association through which forestry interests will be promoted together with improving relationships with similar existing associations and or clubs within and or outside the Sokoine University of Agriculture.


To be among the communities emphasizing trees for conservation for the health world


TFSA shall engage in awareness creation activities for students and the community around, about the importance of the forestry sector in conservation for the health world. Also, TFSA shall participate in forestry activities, for the sustainability of forests.


AGM means Annual General Meeting

Associate member means a person with limited or subordinate membership of an Association

Association means Tanzania Forestry Students’ Association (TFSA)

OGM means Ordinary General Meeting

SUASO means Sokoine University of Agriculture Students’ organization

  1. NAME

1.1.   The name of the charitable Association shall be “The Tanzania Forestry Students’ Association” hereinafter referred to shortly as TFSA


2.1.   To promote and encourage an interest in the conservation and management of Forests within and outside the Sokoine University of Agriculture.

2.2.   To collect and disseminate information relating to Forestry through

  1. a)Publication e.g. newsletter, leaflets etc.
  2. b)Invite guest speakers.

2.3  To form a forum for all Forestry students at the Sokoine University of Agriculture.

2.4  To promote and encourage associations and or clubs within and or outside the Sokoine University of Agriculture to mutually benefit Forest Conservation, education, research and management.

2.5  To liaise with similar existing associations and or clubs within and or Outside the Sokoine University of Agriculture to mutually benefit Forest Conservation, education, research, and management.


These activities shall be as follows:

3.1  Engage in fundraising activities that the association may deem fit.

3.2  Organize Forestry study and tours to members to areas such as Museums, Herbariums, Botanical gardens and Nature Reserves in order to learn, to identify specimens, organisms, and plants or read more information.

3.3  Participate in National tree planting day, meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences to exchange ideas and information.

3.4  To engage in Forestry extension education through video shows, slide shows, exhibitions, and publications.

3.5  Engage in preparation and sales of professional materials e.g. pens, t-shirts, caps with Associational emblem


4.1  The registered office shall be on the campuses of the Sokoine University of Agriculture

4.2  The Association shall be a non-profit Forestry Students’ professional organization, under the Sokoine University of Agriculture students’ organization (SUASO) pursuant to Act NO.6 of 1984.

4.3  The Association shall be managed by the executive committee (EC) in accordance with the provision of this constitution and the written laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


5.1  Eligible member is all Forestry students at Sokoine University of Agriculture, and other related certificate or college institutions.

5.2  A membership is also open to former members (Associate members).


6.1  All full members shall be entitled to the following:

  1. a)Vote at general meetings.
  2. b)Be present and participate in the association’s activities.
  3. c)Hold office in the association when elected
  4. d)Receive at free or at a cost some copies of publication of the association.
  5. e)Be elected as leader

6.2.   Associates members shall be entitled to privileges described in 6.1 except to vote or to be voted


7.1.   Full members shall subscribe to the association’s fund annually at such times and according to the rate at the AGM shall be set from time to time

7.2.   Any member shall not be in arrears for the current year for one month and shall cease to be entitled to privilege under section (6.1) above until payment is done.

7.3.   All members at liberty are able to contribute to exigencies as asked by the association’s officers or EC.


Any member shall cease to be a member of the Association in the event of any of the following:

8.1.   Death

8.2.   Discontinued from studies

8.3.   Dismissal from the University or the Association by the EC and approved later by AGM or OGM

8.4.   Resignation


The Finance of the association shall depend upon the following sources.

9.1.   Membership fee from its members

9.2.   Voluntary donation from individuals, companies, and local and foreign donors

9.3.   Income generated from its activities, projects of the association

9.4.   Fund rising of the association

9.5. Grants requested from funding organizations for projects.


10.1.  The association through the annual general meeting shall elect the following leaders.

  1. a)Chairperson
  2. b)Vice Chairperson
  3. c)General Secretary
  4. d)Deputy General Secretary
  5. e)Treasurer
  6. f)Deputy Treasurer
  7. g)Communication/information officer
  8. h)International relation officer

10.2.  The officers can hold office for two consecutive years and shall not hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

10.3.  Election of position in 10.1 above shall be in the following conditions.

  1. a)If the chairperson is from the 4th semester, then the secretary general shall be from the 2nd semester or vice versa
  2. b)The remaining posts (10.1 above) shall be free to any member irrespective of any year of study.
  3. c)The election shall be held in 2nd semester of a particular academic year.

10.4.  Duties of the officers

  1. a)Chairperson
  2.       Shall preside at meetings and shall have a casting vote.
  3.       Shall convene special and emergency meetings on deemed necessary

iii.      Shall be the main spokesman of the association

  1.       Shall be one of the signatories
  1. b)Vice-chairperson
  2.       Shall assume the duties of the chairperson in his/her absence
  3.       Shall assist with duties of the chairperson
  1. c)General Secretary
  2.       Shall deal with all the correspondence of the association
  3.       Shall keep records of all activities of the association

iii.      Shall give a full report on the association at the Annual General Meeting

  1.       Shall be responsible for convening meetings
  2.       Shall be one of the signatories
  3.       Shall attend and keep the records of all the meeting
  1. d)Deputy General Secretary
  2.       Shall assume all duties of the General Secretary in his/her absence
  3.       Shall assist with the duties of the General Secretary
  1. e)Treasurer
  2.       Shall be responsible for the proper accounting of all members belonging to the association.
  3.       Shall together with one or two other signatories sign and issue all cheques

iii.      Shall keep accounts records of Association activities

  1.       Shall give a full report on the association accounts at the Annual General Meeting
  2.       Shall be responsible for the orderly procurement of goods and services and the daily recording of receipts and expenditures.
  1. f)Deputy Treasurer
  2.       Shall assume all duties of the treasure in his/her absence
  3.       Shall assist the duties of the treasurer
  1. g)Communication/information officer
  2.       Shall seek, provide and publish information about an association in accordance with the association regulations
  3.       Shall be communicating with the General Secretary in information relating to issues
  1. h)International relation officer
  2.       Shall seek, link and establish relationships with other related international Associations.
  3.       Shall seek sponsors

iii.      Shall be communicating with the General Secretary regarding information relating to issues


11.1.  Shall comprise of the following

  1. a)Officers (sect. 10.1 above)
  2. b)Nine representatives, three elected from each respective semester, one of whom shall be a woman and one disabled student.

11.2.  Neither officer nor a member of EC shall receive any remuneration but shall be entitled to repayment of any financial outlays incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

11.3.  The executive committee member shall cease to hold office if she/he does not attend without reasonable cause for two consecutive meetings of the EC. The EC shall co-opt another member who will be confirmed during either AGM or OGM


12.1.  Plan policies of the association capable of realizing the outlined objectives

12.2.  Plan for holding meetings, seminars, workshops, or association activities relating to the objectives

12.3.  Approval of the budget and its final accounts

12.4.  Plan for collecting donations, grants, and endowments from individuals, establishment’s donors, institutions etc.

12.5.  Open and maintain in the name of the association Bank Account(s) at a such bank(s) as they shall decide and pay or cause to be paid any monies of the Association funds to the credit or deposit with any bank(s) and mandates thereof.

12.6.  To recommend a patron for the Association at AGM or OGM

12.7.  To pass resolutions and make decisions on urgent matters and such matters which later shall be rectified either in AGM or OGM

12.8.  To do all such lawful things or shall further confine to the objectives of the association

12.9.  EC shall be required to hold at least four (4) meetings annually. Its quorum shall be ¾ of its members


13.1.  Annual General Meeting did once per academic year.

13.2.  Ordinary General Meeting. This will be called by the Secretary-General to discuss the internal affairs of the association after consultation with the chairperson

13.3.  Extra Ordinary General meeting- This shall be called by either

  1. a)The Secretary-General
  2. b)On the instruction of the EC
  3. c)On the instruction of the Chairperson
  4. d)Or request to the Chairperson by five members of the EC or at least fifty (50) voting members

13.4.  All meetings of the association shall be presided over by the chairperson or in his/her absence the vice-chairperson or in case both are absent the meeting may appoint to preside.


14.1.  A petition of at least five members or any officer shall propose

14.2.  The proposed amendments shall be submitted to the secretary general in writing and shall be considered by the EC before being tabled at either AGM or OGM

14.3.  The amendments shall be approved by at least 2/3 of the voting members present at either AGM or OGM


15.1.  Any person liable to a loss of property of the Association shall be charged before EC where either of the following disciplinary measures shall be taken:-

  1. a)Compensation for the lost property
  2. b)Compensation of the lost property and suspension, not more than 3 months
  3. c)Compensation for the lost property and cessation of membership

15.2.  In case he/she refuses the summons of the EC shall be charged under (15.1 c)

15.3.  In case of failure of 15.1 or 15.2 he/she shall be charged under university and national laws consecutively.


16.1.  Common seal of the Association shall bear the following inscription “Tanzania Forestry Students’ Association”

16.2.  The common seal will only be fixed to documents in the presence of the following:

Adopted this……………day of…………….2012


Secretary General……………………………….. Signature……………………….

Three members:



3……………………………… Signature……………………….