Postdoctoral Researcher in Urban Disease Ecology

The University of Helsinki is an international scientific community of 40, 000 students, faculty and other staff. It is one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities and ranks among the […]

What is Pollination?

Pollination is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma. The goal of every living organism, including plants, is to create offspring […]

Darwin Initiative: Round 30

We are now inviting applications to all four Darwin Initiative schemes: Extra Main Innovation Capability & Capacity The timetable for Round 30 is: Extra – Single Stage, with interview Call for Extra […]

The story behind a Carbon Credit

Carbon credits are financial instruments that are used to offset carbon emissions. Form International is solely focused on nature-based carbon credits originating from tropical forest landscapes. They are generated by […]

The Role of Technology in Forest Conservation

In the crucial task of sustainable forest management, technology has proven to be a game-changer. Satellite data and drone images, among other cutting-edge tools, have revolutionized the way we track […]

Beekeeping development: integration of knowledge

Every project must ensure environmental, financial and social sustainability, and the bees and their hives are only one part of the story. Correct situation analysis and a good understanding of […]