Department Activities

Department Activities

Departmental activities are guided by the Mission of the Sokoine university of agriculture (SUA) which is to promote development through training, research, and delivery of services.

Academic staffs in the Department give lectures to undergraduates (B.Sc Forestry, B.Sc Wildlife Management and Bachelor of Tourism Management) and postgraduates (M.Sc Forestry, M.Sc Agroforestry, M.Sc Ecosystem Science and Management and PhD) in its fields of mandate.

M.Sc Forestry is the oldest programme which has been offered since 1974 while the other two programmes (Agroforestry and Ecosystem Science and Management) were recently established (2011). M.Sc programmes are offered for two years, the first year being for course work and the second year for research and dissertation write up. Students are also admitted to a 3 year PhD programme by research only or course work and research.

Field practicals in some of these fields are conducted at the Faculty training facilities at Olmotonyi (an 840 ha forest plantation) and Mazumbai forest reserve (320 ha montane forest) and Kitulanghalo (550 ha Miombo woodlands). There is also a forest biology laboratory at the main campus for student practicals and research as well as staff research. Other laboratory facilities in the University are utilized by staff and students as need arises.

Research activities
Academic members of staff undertake research in various fields. Many researches have been conducted by staff and students since professional forestry education started in Tanzania in 1973. At present a total of 12 research projects are in progress (web link). Research projects are local and/or donor funded. The main research themes/areas in the Department are:

  • Community forestry and ago-forestry;
  • Watershed management and conservation;
  • Biodiversity of forest organisms;
  • Nutrient cycling and management in forestry and agroforestry ecosystems;
  • Management and conservation of natural forests;
  • Plantation forestry; and
  • Tree improvement.

Publication of research results
Research conducted by staff and students is disseminated through publishing research results in the Faculty journal (Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation, ) or other international journals. In addition, staffs present research findings in workshops and/or conferences or as feedback to communities where the research was conducted. Publications from Departmental staff are as presented in their respective CV’s, and can also be accessed in Google ScholarResearchGate and

Academic staffs are also involved in consultancy either locally or internationally. Consultancy work is coordinated by the Faculty consultancy unit (FOR CONSULT). Consultancies conducted by staff in the Department are as presented in their respective CVs.