On-Going Research projects

1. Environmental flow assessment of Kilombero and lower Rufiji sub-basins of Tanzania: vegetation component (2014-2016). Funding Agency/Donor: CDM Smith and USAID. Researchers: Samora A. Macrice (PI), Neduvoto P. Mollel and Aggrey Uisso.

2. Mapping of the remaining un-protected natural forests and assessment of their resources and threats as a roadmap to conserve eastern afromontane biodiversity hotspot in Ludewa, Tanzania (2015-2016). Funding Agency/Donor: CEPF. Researchers: Samora A. Macrice (CO – PI), Felister M. Mombo, Dos Santosi Silayo, Emmanuel Luoga and Quambemeda N. Masala.

3. Enhancement of local farmers’ adaptive capacity to climate stresses, livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through introduction of proven mushroom cultivation and preservation technologies in villages adjacent to Kilombero nature reserve in Kilombero district, Tanzania (2015-2016). Funding Agency/Donor: EAMCEF. Researchers:  Samora A. Macrice (PI), Beatrice M. Kilima, Felister M. Mombo and Quambemeda N. Masala.

4. Quantification of Carbon stock changes under different forest tenure and their implication to livelihood in Miombo woodlands (2012-2014). Funding Agency/Donor: NORAD. Researchers: Seif Madoffe (PI), Dos Santos, Josiah Katani, Elikarim Zahabu, Charles Kilawe, James Ngana, Tuli Msuya and Fred Midtgaard .

5. Facilitating stakeholders to apply multi-sectoral forum for mitigating conflicting interests for sustainable management of mangroves (2013-2015). Funding Agency/Donor: Swiss Research Foundation through Centre for Development and Environment (CDE). Researchers: Rukia Kikula (PI), Seif Madoffe and Ezekiel Edward.

6. Capacity building on forest conservation and management of water sources in mount Lugala and mount Mosi village land forest reserves in Iringa Rural District (2013-2015). Funding Agency/Donor: Tanzania Forest Funds (TaFF). Researchers: Mwakalukwa, E. E (PI), Njana, M. A. and Prosper, N.

7. Tree planting for environmental conservation and nutritional supplement around MkambaraniUzima homeless children centre, Morogoro, Tanzania (2014-2015). Funding Agency/Donor: Tanzania Forest Funds (TaFF). Researchers: Mashimba, F. H. (PI), Mwakalukwa, E. E. and Komba, F.

8. Habitat suitability modelling and conservation implications for threatened Tanzania’s puku antelope, Kobusvardonii in Kilombero valley, Tanzania (2014-2015). Funding Agency/Donor: Rufford Foundation. Researcher:  Alfred Chitiki (PI).

9. Quantification and mapping of Carbon stocks and plant diversity in different land cover types in Tanzania (2011-2014). Funding Agency/Donor: NORAD/CCIAM. Researchers:   Munishi PKT (PI), Temu RPC, Stein Moe, Totland Ø, Shirima D.D, Mbilinyi B, Lulandala L.L, Mtengeti E, Mwakalila S and Mpeta E.

10. Enhancing the revival of homegardens for improved utility and productivity through the use of proven agroforestry technologies in the Northern Highlands of Tanzania (2012-2015). Funding Agency/Donor: NORAD/EPINAV. Researchers:   Munishi PKT (PI), Temu RPC, Lulandala L.L, Stein Moe, Halima Kilungu Shirima D. D, Japhet Emanuel, Charles Joseph Lyamchai.

11. Managing the Eastern Arc Mountain forests for Carbon credits and emission trading; Local knowledge and climate change adaptation project (2007 – to date). Funding Agency/Donor: Eastern Arc Mountain Forest Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMFCEF). Researchers:  Munishi PKT (PI) and Japhet Emanuel.