Awards for Conservation Heroes

The CBF Biodiversity Excellence Award for Caribbean Heroes (BEACH) is a prestigious recognition for individuals and organizations making remarkable contributions to the CBF’s mission.

Named after Mrs. Eleanor Garraway-Phillips and Dr. Jens Mackensen, two esteemed founding board members, the BEACH Award celebrates their legacy. Recognizing leadership, innovation, and dedication to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, the BEACH Award inspires others to follow in their footsteps. Through targeted thematic areas and strategic partnerships, the award fosters collaboration and expands the CBF’s reach.

Biennially awarded from 2023, the BEACH Award showcases outstanding achievements, amplifying the awardees’ impact. Join us in honoring these conservation heroes, promoting the International Biodiversity Day, and protecting the Caribbean’s rich biodiversity. Together, let’s celebrate and preserve our natural treasures

The Biodiversity Excellence Awards for Conservation Heroes (BEACH) honors outstanding individuals and organizations for their contributions to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development within the Caribbean. The nominees must have a proven track record of actively implementing projects in the Caribbean region. The deadline for nominations is 22 June 2023. Awards for Conservation Heroes

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

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