Botany and Ecology Field Practical Training at Saadani National Park

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First year students pursuing BSc. Wildlife Management conducting Field Practical Training at Saadani National Park on 14th to 19th September 2020. The practical is based on the course of FBL 102 – Fundamentals of Ecology and FBL 101 – Botany taught in the class. Major aims are  to equip students with hands-on skills of identifying and classifying different vegetation types alongside with their driving forces. Specifically, the practical aimed at enabling students to conduct sample vegetation assessments, apply different tools and equipment used in ecological survey and use various analytical software for dealing with ecological data. It is organized by College of Forestry, Wildlife  and Tourism under Department of Ecosystems and Conservation and Supervised by Prof. P.K.T. Munishi and Prof. R.P.C. Temu assisted by Mr. Cosmas J. Emily.

 IMG 20200915 WA0002

Students discussing how to undertake ecological survey at Saadani National Park

 Fundamentals of Ecology and FBL 101 Botany FPT 2020

Students setting plot for ecological observation at Saadani National Park

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IMG 20200915 WA0009


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For more information please contact,

Prof. P.K.T. Munishi or Prof. R.P.C. Temu

Department of Ecosystems and Conservation,

College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism,

PO Box 3010, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro, Tanzania or

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

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