Field practical training on ornithology

Field practical training on ornithology was offered through the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation under the CONTAN project. The purpose of the training was to introduce the students to the basic concepts of 0rnithology, enhance skills in common bird identification by sight and sound on the field, and conduct hands-on training on methods of field collection techniques and data recording. By the end of the field practical, students will be able to use basic identification guides and binoculars with some confidence and identify some of the commoner bird species in the field.

Dr. Alfan Rija from the Department of Wildlife Management of the Sokoine University of Agriculture offered the training in Kilimanjaro National Park (Scientific Station Nkweseko).

The field practical training on ornithology is offered under the CONTAN project. The CONTAN project is an Erasmus + Capacity-building project in the field of higher education “Developing curricula for biodiversity monitoring and conservation in Tanzania”. The Project Partners in the EU: University of Florence, (coordinator), MUSE – Science museum, University of Copenhagen, and the University of Bayreuth. Partners in Tanzania: the Sokoine University of Agriculture , University of Dar es Salaam, and College of African Wildlife Management.

Student briefing on the ecological methods for studying birds

Birds watching and identification in the field by Binoculars

Birds’ identification by the bird’s identification field guide book

Funding line: European Union – Erasmus+ KA2 – Capacity Building in Higher Education (call EAC-A02-2019-CBHE)

Contact Us;
Project Coordinator,
Dr. Charles Kilawe,
CONTAN project
Department of Ecosystems and Conservation,
College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
PO Box 3010, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro, Tanzania
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