List of graduands of Bachelor of Science in Forestry for the 40th SUA graduation ceremony

The following students will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Forestry on 25th November 2022 as indicated below;

SN          Registration No                               Name

1             FOR/D/2019/0031           Abdallah Bundala Shija

2             FOR/D/2019/0088           Abdunuru Abdu Haruna

3             FOR/D/2019/0203           Abushehe Ismaili Salumu

4             FOR/D/2019/0138           Adriano Joyman

5             FOR/D/2019/0195           Agripina L Kanoni

6             FOR/D/2019/0237           Akwino Prosper Mlwilo

7             FOR/D/2019/0075           Alex Agustino Mika

8             FOR/D/2019/0198           Alphadinu Yohana Bahali

9             FOR/D/2019/0091           Aman Danford

10          FOR/D/2019/0225           Amina Selemani Mbiaji

11          FOR/D/2019/0187           Aminieli N Mshana

12          FOR/D/2019/0176           Angel Edward Erro

13          FOR/D/2019/0050           Anitha A Msigwa

14          FOR/D/2019/0171           Anjelina C Kibwana

15          FOR/D/2019/0204           Antoni Y Chalachimu

16          FOR/D/2019/0221           Aron B Amosi

17          FOR/D/2019/0135           Aston C Mwahalende

18          FOR/D/2019/0226           Bahati J Mwansepele

19          FOR/E/2019/0105           Bakari Shaban Chalahan

20          FOR/D/2019/0085           Baraka Hamisi Iddy

21          FOR/D/2018/0421           Beatrice D Obutte

22          FOR/D/2019/0080           Boaz Makubi Magoye

23          FOR/D/2019/0026           Boniface Mkote

24          FOR/D/2019/0095           Chady Keneth Haule

25          FOR/D/2019/0199           Charles Simon Charles

26          FOR/D/2019/0164           Clement L Mhufu

27          FOR/D/2019/0084           Dady Josse Mohamed

28          FOR/D/2019/0059           Daimon Benedict Makombe

29          FOR/D/2019/0029           Daniel Q Sappa

30          FOR/D/2019/0162           Daria C Kimaro

31          FOR/D/2019/0152           Davis A Magafu

32          FOR/D/2019/0072           Denicia Ajuna Milton

33          FOR/D/2019/0069           Denis G Matilya

34          FOR/D/2019/0172           Denis Ombeni Munisi

35          FOR/D/2019/0194           Donisia James Elias

36          FOR/D/2019/0143           Dorine Renatus

37          FOR/D/2019/0078           Dorosea P Rugemalila

38          FOR/D/2019/0106           Eliamani E Singo

39          FOR/D/2019/0101           Eliasi L Busogo

40          FOR/D/2019/0013           Elisha Joseph Mollel

41          FOR/D/2019/0011           Elisha Venance Banya

42          FOR/D/2019/0219           Elizabeth John Ilanda

43          FOR/D/2019/0200           Emiliana D Maembe

44          FOR/D/2019/0161           Enock E Mwakifuna

45          FOR/D/2019/0028           Evarist J Malyango

46          FOR/D/2019/0041           Ezekiel Emanuel Arobogast

47          FOR/D/2019/0118           Faustine Elias Gidng’Ol

48          FOR/D/2019/0196           Festa M Mwambapa

49          FOR/D/2019/0126           Francis Barnabas Mchomba

50          FOR/D/2019/0206           Frank M Marwa

51          FOR/E/2019/0209           Gidion E Samu

52          FOR/E/2019/0241           Gladness Edward Kishe

53          FOR/D/2019/0027           Greyson Mwombeki Felecian

54          FOR/D/2019/0063           Greyson Rujeli Cholela

55          FOR/D/2019/0037           Hamad Issa Ally

56          FOR/D/2019/0141           Hamisi Jumanne Omary

57          FOR/D/2019/0166           Hassan Chaina Magige

58          FOR/D/2019/0163           Hildagadess Johansen Augustine

59          FOR/D/2019/0040           Hussein Jamal Mikidadi

60          FOR/D/2019/0137           Inosenti N Matlaa

61          FOR/D/2019/0070           Irene B Boay

62          FOR/D/2019/0077           Irene Valence Kitaly

63          FOR/D/2019/0054           Isaka Mtafya

64          FOR/D/2019/0193           Ismail Abduly Vunjwa

65          FOR/D/2019/0115           Ismail D Said

66          FOR/D/2019/0125           Jackline D Sindato

67          FOR/D/2019/0086           James D Mhagama

68          FOR/E/2019/0240           Jamila Juma Nalupi

69          FOR/D/2019/0071           Japhary H Hamisi

70          FOR/D/2019/0117           Japhet Godfrey Mhema

71          FOR/D/2018/0541           Jeremiah Sadick

72          FOR/D/2019/0032           Jesca Lameck Swai

73          FOR/D/2019/0119           Joel Samuel Mponya

74          FOR/D/2019/0134           John L Soko

75          FOR/D/2019/0151           Joseph T Matemba

76          FOR/D/2019/0053           Joshua Elisha Mfumbilwa

77          FOR/D/2019/0076           Jovan Hendry Laurent

78          FOR/D/2019/0156           Juliana M Deogratias

79          FOR/D/2019/0140           Julius S Brush

80          FOR/D/2019/0173           Justine Kija

81          FOR/D/2019/0052           Justo N Jonas

82          FOR/D/2019/0116           Kadiru Abdul Mfinanga

83          FOR/D/2019/0165           Kazungu Arafat Kazungu

84          FOR/D/2019/0185           Kelvin Lyatuu

85          FOR/E/2019/0242           Kelvin Osca Lucas

86          FOR/E/2019/0008           Khalifa Maliki Msuya

87          FOR/E/2019/0243           Linda Marwa

88          FOR/D/2019/0043           Loveness Lameck

89          FOR/D/2019/0073           Lovis Mujun Milton

90          FOR/D/2019/0186           Lucas E Mwanakatwe

91          FOR/D/2019/0089           Lucas J Lucas

92          FOR/E/2019/0096           Lucia Maliga

93          FOR/D/2019/0132           Lucy Elias Simbani

94          FOR/D/2019/0121           Machibula Mathew Lukuba

95          FOR/D/2019/0082           Magdalena Linus Exavery

96          FOR/D/2019/0017           Magembe Ngunila Shimo

97          FOR/D/2019/0129           Mahamdu Musa Msuya

98          FOR/D/2019/0184           Maico Sweya Jackson

99          FOR/D/2019/0150           Maiko F Mwabeza

100        FOR/D/2019/0066           Marando Joseph Ayoma

101        FOR/D/2019/0018           Maria S Halinga

102        FOR/E/2019/0182           Maria Thomas

103        FOR/D/2019/0175           Mary J Saera

104        FOR/D/2019/0233           Mathias V Njeyo

105        FOR/D/2019/0147           Mbaraka Rashidi Sembe

106        FOR/D/2019/0036           Milka Elieza Musana

107        FOR/E/2018/0392           Mohamed H Hassani

108        FOR/E/2019/0061           Mohamedi S Dossa

109        FOR/D/2019/0051           Monica Huruma Mahinya

110        FOR/D/2019/0216           Moris Mayanga

111        FOR/E/2019/0239           Mpho Binkie Bashobanyana

112        FOR/D/2019/0210           Mrasi Issaya Gidai

113        FOR/E/2018/0396           Mrisho J Athuman

114        FOR/D/2018/0281           Mussa Kapiga Mazoya

115        FOR/E/2019/0010           Mussa Nkilila

116        FOR/D/2019/0131           Mwadawa Ally Kisavulo

117        FOR/D/2019/0234           Mwambemba Fungo

118        FOR/D/2019/0062           Mwanaidi Huddu Majaliwa

119        FOR/D/2019/0107           Naomi Beneth Sambeke

120        FOR/D/2019/0144           Naomi Godfrey Mbugano

121        FOR/D/2019/0142           Neema Shadrack Madinda

122        FOR/D/2019/0022           Nickson M Makombe

123        FOR/D/2019/0109           Nindwa Nsuluja Ngusa

124        FOR/D/2019/0033           Nistas Pascal Mrosso

125        FOR/D/2019/0044           Nolasco Bartalomeo Assenga

126        FOR/D/2019/0049           Nsalu R Mwalingo

127        FOR/D/2019/0232           Omary R Msilo

128        FOR/D/2019/0081           Onesmo J Mwanitega

129        FOR/D/2019/0108           Oscar W Wilbroad

130        FOR/D/2019/0213           Paskali Gilay Ungo

131        FOR/D/2019/0153           Patrick M Cyprian

132        FOR/D/2019/0098           Paul C Mnubi

133        FOR/D/2019/0110           Paulo Thomas Lukumay

134        FOR/D/2019/0046           Peter John Lyimo

135        FOR/D/2019/0190           Peter Joseph Safari

136        FOR/D/2019/0124           Rahel Amande Said

137        FOR/D/2018/0317           Rahel Idd Kitilya

138        FOR/D/2019/0092           Rajabu Salum Muya

139        FOR/D/2019/0167           Raphael A Mwaisanila

140        FOR/D/2019/0083           Regan Ladislaus Shayo

141        FOR/D/2019/0060           Regina M Machibula

142        FOR/D/2019/0191           Rehema Ekison Tweve

143        FOR/D/2019/0074           Richard P Kwoliba

144        FOR/D/2019/0179           Riziki Habakuki Nyange

145        FOR/D/2017/0016           Rogers Batista Kihwelela

146        FOR/D/2019/0128           Sadick Exavery Nchimbi

147        FOR/D/2019/0114           Said Said Omari

148        FOR/D/2019/0057           Said Simon

149        FOR/D/2019/0160           Saidy Y Mlemwa

150        FOR/D/2019/0214           Salma Bakari Masudi

151        FOR/D/2019/0139           Samwel Castory Burashahu

152        FOR/E/2019/0003           Samwel M Tamka

153        FOR/D/2019/0067           Saumu Machano Mkuwi

154        FOR/D/2019/0212           Selemani Ally Issa

155        FOR/D/2019/0130           Shabil Ahmadi Mzee

156        FOR/D/2019/0136           Shomari Stephano Kikondi

157        FOR/D/2019/0019           Simeo Robert

158        FOR/D/2019/0122           Sophia I Chihami

159        FOR/E/2019/0103           Stela Ernest

160        FOR/D/2019/0133           Stephano Daudi Mpagama

161        FOR/D/2019/0202           Tabitha Thobias Ngailo

162        FOR/D/2019/0056           Tumaini Rwegelela Albert

163        FOR/D/2019/0170           Venance Ambwene Sibonike

164        FOR/D/2019/0111           Vicent Leonard Shonyela

165        FOR/D/2019/0188           Waridi Y Kapinga

166        FOR/D/2019/0127           William U Kassim

167        FOR/D/2017/0199           Williard H Mwamlima

168        FOR/D/2019/0065           Winifrida Joseph Tesha

169        FOR/E/2019/0001           Wood Zacharia

170        FOR/D/2018/0344           Yona Amon Mgonja

171        FOR/D/2019/0113           Yusufu V Mtafya

172        FOR/D/2019/0208           Zainabu Abdallah Mohamed

173        FOR/D/2019/0021           Zakia H Semvua

174        FOR/D/2018/0331           Zubeda R Ndumbikwa

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