Papers published during 2014/2015 by staff in various international journals;

Ecosystems and CConservation in Tanzania

1.      Shirima, D. D; Ørjan Totland; Munishi, P.K.T. and Stein R. Moe (2015). Does the abundance of dominant trees affect diversity of a widespread tropical woodland ecosystem in Tanzania? Journal of Tropical Ecology 31:345–359.

2.      Shirima, D. D., Ørjan Totland, Munishi, P.K.T. and Stein R. Moe (2015). Relationships between tree species richness, evenness and aboveground carbon storage in montane forests and miombo woodlands of Tanzania. Basic and Applied Ecology 16: 239–249.

3.      Swai, G., Ndangalasi, H.J., Munishi, P.K.T. and Shirima D.D. (In Press). Tree Species Composition, Richness and Diversity of Hanang Mountains Forest Reserve, Tanzania International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation.

4.      Andrew S.M., Totland Ø., and Moe S.R. (2015). Spatial variation in plant species richness and diversity along human disturbance and environmental gradients in a tropical wetland. Wetlands Ecology and Management 23: 395-404

Ecosystems and CConservation in Tanzania

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