Dr. Deo D. Shirima

I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation since 2008 and as Senior Information Safeguard officer at the National Carbon Monitoring Centre from 2017 to date. My roles as a Senior Lecturer are to teach and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students and conduct research and consultancies. Some of the selected research and projects:-

  1. Team member in Valuing the Arc project in 2007-2010- The project aim was to quantify and map different forest ecosystem services – carbon being one of the major ecosystem services quantified.
  2. Team member in WWF-Tanzania project 2010-2013- Carbon measurement, monitoring and verification in Tanzania.
  3. Team member in Climate Change Impact Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) in 2011-14 -Tanzania project on quantification and Mapping of Carbon Stocks and Plant Diversity in Different Land Cover Types in Tanzania
  4. Assistant Ecologist in the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for the National Irrigation Sector, Tanzania. Client: Ministry of Water and Irrigation; Year: 2010-2011; Country: Tanzania.
  5. Team Member: Establishment of Permanent Carbon and Vegetation Monitoring Sample Plots using TEAM methodology in Udzungwa Block Eastern Arc Mountains 2007-2009.
  6. Team Member: Consultancy work on Ecological Survey in the GRL Kilombero Forest Project at UchindileKilombero District Tanzania. To assess the biodiversity and biodiversity categories and their values, community types, keystone species/rare/endemic species, wildlife resources and types/rare or endangered species and wildlife habitats. – Green Resource Ltd Mafinga, Iringa 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.


Date Position Institution name
2017-date Senior Information safeguard system officer National Carbon Monitoring Centre
20013 – date Lecturer Sokoine University of Agriculture
2009– 20012 Assistant Lecturer Sokoine University of Agriculture
2008-2009 Tutorial Assistant Sokoine University of Agriculture


Date Institution name Country Title
2011 – 2015 Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway PhD in Ecology
2008 – 2009 Sokoine University of Agriculture Belgium Masters of Science in Forestry
2003- 2006 Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Research Interest:

Ecology, Plant and animal interactions, Forestry, Biodiversity, ecological impact and risk assessment, forest carbon measurements and monitoring, Climate Change, people and biodiversity safeguards.


Year Most 12popular citation
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2015 Shirima, D. D., ØrjanTotland, Pantaleo K. T. Munishi and Stein R. Moe (2015). Does the abundance of dominant trees affect diversity of a widespread tropical woodland ecosystem in Tanzania? Journal of Tropical Ecology. (2015) 31:345–359
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2014 Munishi P, Kilungu H, Jackson H, Shirima D.D; Bulenga G, Seki H (2014) Wetland related livelihoods, institutions and incentives for conservation in the Great Ruaha River Wetland System. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation 81 (2):34-44
2014 Swai G, Ndangalasi HJ, Munishi PK, Shirima DD (2014) Carbon stocks of Hanang forest, Tanzania: An implication for climate mitigation. Journal of Ecology and The Natural Environment 6 (3):90-98.


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2010 P. K. T. Munishi, S. Mringi, D. D. Shirima and S. K. Linda (2010).The role of the Miombo Woodlands of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania as carbon sinks. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment Vol. 2(12), pp. 261-269.

I do teach the following course:-

FBL 104: Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (Undergraduate)

FBL 102: Climatology (Undergraduate)

FBL 207: Ecological Impact Assessment and Environmental planning (Undergraduate)

FBE 608: Biological Diversity – Assessment and Monitoring (Postgraduate)

FBE 609: Ecological Risk and Impact Assessment (Postgraduate)


Capacity Building to Smallholder Tree Growers on Potential of Forest Certification to Enhance Sustainable Forest Management in Mufindi District, Iringa Region. Donor: GoT- TaFF, (TZS 17,000,000/=), 2017-2018 and Enhancing Forest Biodiversity Monitoring through Research and Training on the application of Remote Sensing Technologies in East Usambara Mountain Forests Donor: Eastern Arc Endowment Fund- EMACEF, (TZS 28,000,000/=), 2017-2018

I am currently supervising 2 Masters Students and co-supervising 2 PhD students and 3 Bachelors students.

professional bodies Membership:

Member, Ecological Society of Eastern Africa (ESEA)

Member, Tanzania Association of Foresters (TAF)

Board/Committee Membership:

Date Role Board Name
2017-2019 Member Postgraduate committee, College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism- SUA

Offices Held:

Date Office Name Institution
2017- Head of Unit System information safeguard unit, National Carbon Monitoring Centre- Tanzania

Position: Senior System Information Safeguard Officer, and Lecturer in Ecology

E-address: dshirima@suanet.ac.tz

Campus: Main Campus

Building: National Carbon Monitoring Centre

Room Number: 34-2

Other websites: www.sua.ac.tz

Org Unit: College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism