FBA 605: Productivity, Improvement and Sustainability in Agroforestry Systems

Course Learning Outcome

At the completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. Understand the essentials of well planned and well managed agroforestry practice;
  2. Ascertain effective conservation of resources management systems/technologies;
  3. Efficient use the growth resources for improvement and sustainability in the production capacities of production systems
  4. Influence the amelioration of both the physical, chemical, biological and environmental conditions for enhanced       system’s performance

Course contents

Resources conservation, productivity improvement and sustainability through agroforestry: Use of the appropriate woody perennials and structural   arrangements for effective conservation of the management system’s growth resources (e.g. stop soil erosion) and growth environments for maintained site productivity; use of multi-components provides for system’s multiple and diversified products (i.e. tree, crop and animal including possibilities for aquatic and insect based products); more efficient materials and nutrient flows including biological N-fixation and Mycorrhizal effects that ameliorate the physical, chemical, biological and water environments to ensure improvements and sustainability of productivity of resources management systems. Aspects of organic farming and fertilization (i.e. use of organic manures and mineral fertilizers).

Required Readings

     1. Nair, P.K.R. 1984. Soil productivity Aspects of Agroforestry. Science and Practice of

           Agroforestry, ICRAF, Nairobi.

       2.   A. Young (1997). Agroforestry for Soil Management (Second Edition). CAB

             International, New York, New York and ICRAF, Nairobi, Kenya

Recommended Readings

     1.   L.E. Buck, J.P. Lassoie and E.C.M. Fernandes (1999). Agroforestry in Sustainable

           Agricultural Systems. CRC Press LLC, New York.
   2.   K.G. MacDicken (1994). Selection and Management of Nitrogen-Fixing Trees

           Publisher: Winrock International, Morrilton, Arkansas.