FBA 610: Resource characterization and management options in Agroforestry

Course Learning Outcome

On the completion of the course, students should have acquired the ability to:

     1. Carry out global, regional, national or site specific resources characterization(surveys);

     2. Determine the prevailing status of available resources e.g. problems/possibilities; and

     3. Prescribe appropriate interventions for improvements.

Course contents

Participatory approaches to resources characterization, planning, development and management including the D & D, PRA, and C Methodologies; Procedures of the D & D Methodology (i.e. diagnostic survey, analysis, technology design and specification for appropriate intervention) and expected outcomes; make global, regional, and national or site specific resources characterization with a view of identifying shortfalls, existing constraints and available potentials in optimal resources management. Identify Agroforestry systems/technologies interventions, entry points and management options for maximized systems’ outputs

Required Readings

     1. International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR). (1990) Agroforestry

         Technology Information Kit (ATIK). Cavite, Philippines ISBN: 0-942717-31-7

     2. C.R. Elevitch and K.M. Wilkinson (2000). Multipurpose Windbreaks: Design and

           Species for Pacific Islands. Permanent Agriculture Resources, Holualoa, Hawaii

           Series p22-50.

Recommended Readings

       1. R. Hart (1991). Forest Gardening. Green Books, Devon, UK ISBN: 1-870098-44-7.
K. Landauer and M. Brazil (1990). Tropical Home Gardens. United Nations

           University Press, Tokyo ISBN: 92-808-0732-3