FBA 613: Pest and Diseases Management in Agroforestry

Course Learning Outcome

On the completion of the course, students should have acquired the ability to:

  1. Determine the infestation, scope and identity of pests and diseases;
  2. Determine the most appropriate options of their management/control/treatment; and
  3. Carry out an evaluation of the impact of the management option.

Course contents

Pests commonly encountered in Agroforestry practices (i.e. Animals, birds and insects), population dynamics and their management (i.e. chemical, biological, ecological and managerial approaches). Diseases (i.e. fungal, bacterial and viral diseases) and their management (i.e. chemical, biological, environmental and managerial approaches). Selection and breeding for resistance to pests/diseases.

Required Readings

1.Biodiversity International’s Species Compendium is a searchable database providing information at taxon level about seed survival during storage, germination requirements and dormancy, reproductive biology, and pests and diseases, Biodiversity International, Information_Sources.