FBE 608 Biological Diversity – Assessments and Monitoring

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course student should be able to:-

  1. Advance knowledge and understanding on biological diversity at regional to global scale
  2. Design approaches for assessment and monitoring of biological diversity at different scales
  3. Prepare and implement biodiversity monitoring plans/programs.

Course Content

Biodiversity as a measure of ecosystem health, concepts of biodiversity, values of biodiversity, loss of biodiversity and its causes, functional classification of organisms, general patterns of species diversity, assessment of species diversity, theories of species diversity, mechanisms regulating diversity at various spatial and temporal scales, case studies of patterns and hypothesis, principles of measuring and monitoring biodiversity, genetic diversity, species and ecosystem diversity, methodologies for measurement of biological/ species diversity, biodiversity monitoring plans/programs

Required Reading

  1. Hutson A.M. 1994. Biological Diversity. The Coexistence of Species on Changing Landscapes. Cambridge University Press. 681pp
  1. Boyle T.J.B., Boontawee B. 1995. Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity in Tropical and Temperate Forest. CIFOR Indonesia. 395 pp.

Recommended Reading

  1. Groom M.J., Meffe G.K. and Carrol C.R. 2006. Principle of Conservation Biology. Sinaner Associates, Sunderland 3rd Edition. 779 pp.