FBE 614 Ecosystem Restoration

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course student should be able to:

  1. Apply advanced sound principles of ecosystem restoration to degraded ecosystems, plan and implement small medium and large scale restoration programme.
  2. Apply ecological principles in Ecosystem Restoration

Course Content

Principles of ecosystem restoration and its applications, concepts of ecosystem degradation and mitigation measures, conservation biology and conservation of biological diversity with social considerations, approaches to ecosystem restoration, regional land degradation problems and processes, concepts, holistic approach in ecosystem restoration, small and large scale restoration programmes, regulations pertaining to ecosystem restoration, Legal institutional and ethical issues in ecosystem restoration

Required Reading

  1. Groom, M.J., Meffe G.K. and Caroll C.R. 2006. Principles of conservation biology. 3rd edition. Sinaeu Associates, Inc. Publishers, Massachusetts, USA 779 pp.

Recommended Reading

  1. Kobayashi S., Turnbull J.W., Toma T., Majid NMNA (ed.) 1989. Rehabilitation of tropical forest ecosystems, workshop proceedings, Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR 242 pp