FBE 617 Forest Restoration in Landscapes

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course student should be able to

  1. Integrate the knowledge of forest functioning into landscape conservation plans.
  2. Prepare and implement landscape restoration plans

Course Content

Forest ecosystems, principles of ecological restoration as applied to forest ecosystems, wider perspectives in forest ecosystem restoration, challenges of forest ecosystem restoration, forest restoration in a conservation context, preparatory steps in forest restoration in a landscape scale, monitoring and evaluation of forest restoration projects, implementing forest restoration that addressing specific aspects of forest restoration.

Required Reading

  1. Mansourian, S. Valauri, D. and Dudley, N., (In cooperation with WWF International 2005.Forest restoration in Landscape: Beyond Planting Trees. Springer, New York 437 pp.

Recommended Reading

  1. Neil B., Hales D.J., Underwood E., Dinerstein E., Olson D., Schipper I.J. and Newmark R. 2004. Terrestrial Eco-regions of Africa and Madagascar. A Conservation Assessment. Island Press Washington. 501 pp
  2. Burel, F.and Baudry, J. 2003. Landscape Ecology: Concepts, Methods and Applications. Science Publishers, INC Enfield (NH), USA. 362 pp.